See You on Friday, Chicago!

Last time I saw Chicago, it was 2003 and my mind was on the Cornerstone Festival, several hours west of the city.

On Thursday evening, I’ll arrive in Chicago again…

…but this time I’m staying in town. It’ll be a brief but busy visit.

I’m speaking in chapel at Judson University on Friday morning, and then at Judson’s Imago Film Festival on Friday evening. (You can read about it in this Chicago Sun-Times article.)

It looks like they have some special things in store for festival-goers. I’m particularly delighted to see that my longtime friend and colleague J. Robert Parks is leading a post-viewing discussion of the film Where the Wild Things Are. I love that movie, and I wish I could be there for that event. But that happens on Wednesday, a full 24 hours before I arrive.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to meeting Terrence Wandtke, associate professor of art and media studies at Judson, who so kindly invited me. And I hope to meet some of his students there.

Feel free to email me ahead if time if you’re going to be there, so I can be on the lookout for you during my short stay. I don’t want to leave Chicago without greeting the folks who read!


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