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The Return of Gillian Welch

Josh Jackson at Paste just posted some news that made me shout out loud. … [Read more...]

Since Ryan Gosling Isn’t Going to Be The Lone Ranger…

... then I hereby nominate... … [Read more...]

Of Gods and a Film Critic

I just received this message from Andrew Welch, who just saw Of Gods and Men. ... … [Read more...]

Thank You, Barnes and Noble!

Many bookstores around the country have been supportive of my four-book series The Auralia Thread.But Barnes and Noble has been especially helpful... … [Read more...]

Matt Zoller Seitz on Game of Thrones

I don't have HBO, so I'll be waiting for Netflix or DVDs, but I'm so excited to see a celebrated fantasy epic being given a slow, patient miniseries treatment, with an impressive cast and a focus on character development instead of razzle-dazzle.Here's how Matt Zoller Seitz describes it: … [Read more...]

“Happy Thieves”

Today at Image, A.G. Harmon has posted some thoughts on one of 2011's must-see movies... … [Read more...]

Sudden Giveaway: Are you following The Auralia Thread on Facebook?

I'm giving away a strange assortment of stuff from my desk:A signed copy of The Ale Boy's Feast, Auralia bookmarks, a map of the Expanse signed by artist Rachel Beatty, posters for True Grit and The Adjustment Bureau, and two issues of Response magazine.Want to have your name in the drawing? … [Read more...]

Gratitude for Thoughtful Reviews of The Ale Boy’s Feast

As a reader in a community of readers, I know that all of us have unique responses to the books we read.My opinion of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone or No Country for Old Men or Never Let Me Go will be different from yours, even if we both give them a thumbs' up or a thumbs' down.As a reviewer, I know that there is a huge difference between a review — a thoughtful examination of plot, style, character development, point of view, etc. — and a reaction. (A reaction is something along … [Read more...]