10 Things My Friends and I Said On Facebook Since Friday

It’s been a lively weekend on my Facebook page.

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Here are some recent comments….

“Whoa, as in, kick ass.”
- Mick Silva on the news that Danny Elfman and T-Bone Burnett are scoring an upcoming movie together.

“Just took this in at Pixar with my family and a friend. Loved it from start to finish.”
- Adam Powers on seeing a preview screening of Cars 2

“You know those scenes in movies and TV shows where a person is dumbfounded, frozen in place like they’ve been hypnotized, when a beautiful woman (or man) enters a room? Happened to me once.”
- film critic Sean Axmaker, telling a story about an actress who was just cast in The Hobbit.

“She would have been 92 today.”
- Me, talking about one of America’s beloved film critics.

“You strongly resemble him…”
- Dr. Christine Chaney, looking at a photo of my dad that I posted on Father’s Day.

“He is a great man, and was a great teacher of the Bible. I would say that most of the facts that I know about the Bible came from Mr. Overstreet. Thanks, Jeff’s dad!”
- Lori Hopkins on Father’s Day, talking about my dad who taught for many years at Portland Christian High School.

“My friend Adrienne Kerrigan is the biggest Green Lantern fan I know. Think you’re a bigger Green Lantern fan? She and her husband had a Green Lantern WEDDING. With Green Lantern decorations and a Green Lantern wedding cake. So… what does she think of the film?”
- Me, linking to Adrienne’s Green Lantern review

“He sounds kinda rad.”
- Stephanie Drury responding after I liked to an interview with a blackjack player. (That blackjack player happens to be Stephanie’s husband.)

“After reading your A.I. Artificial Intelligence review I went out and rented Empire of the Sun. Incredible, possibly one of the better movies I’ve ever seen. Bale’s performance was pitch perfect.”
- Justin Hanvey, after finding my A.I. review at http://facebook.com/ThroughaScreenDarkly

“Wow. Will they call it, ‘Get A Bloodclot From Sitting Too Long – Director’s Cut?’” -Thom Nash on my news that there may be a six-hour long cut of The Tree of Life in the works

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