“Enough with the shaky-cam already!”

What’s a handheld-camera movie where the shaky-cam technique was a good idea?

What’s a movie where you found yourself shouting, “Enough with the handheld camera already!”

For me, “chaos cam” worked very well in The Bourne Supremacy. Some moviegoers said that the action scenes made them feel lost, but the technique really drew me into the action and I loved it.

The best example of effective handheld camera that I can think of? The Son, by the Dardenne brothers. By confining us to the limited perspective of its POV character, it helped us see the world his way, feel his pressures, and stumble onto surprises right in step with him.

But The Blair Witch Project made me feel motion sick so early in the film that I couldn’t enjoy it at all… much less feel scared by it.

At Filmwell, Michael Leary asks, “Is chaos cinema a bad thing?”

Tell us how you feel. Post your “yea” or “nay” in the comments there.

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