Fingertips: Wendell Berry; Submarine and Buck; U2 documentary; Feist; Ollabelle; Favorite Film of 2010 now on Blu-Ray; Philip Seymour Hoffman; Cinderella; and more.

Here are several fingertips, poking at you until you poke at the links I’ve discovered… 

Thanks to Mike Morrell for tweeting this:

Free Wendell Berry audiobook from the folks at Christian Audio! Ohh yeah.

I’m enjoying the new film reviews by Lauren Wilford, who published a review of Submarine at Image, and a review of Buck at Filmwell.

A new David Guggenheim documentary on U2 and the production of Achtung Baby is opening the Toronto International Film Festival.

One of my favorite films about children, Into the West, is now on Netflix Instant.

Remember when you were impressed when action figures looked anything at all like the big-screen characters they represented? Well, the latest action figures look so real that they make the actors look plastic by comparison. This new Christian Bale/Bruce Wayne figure even has pores. 

Summer days are sunnier when you’re listening to Feist. Here’s a new song.

Highly praised new albums from Ollabelle and Beirut are currently streaming on NPR First Listen.

My favorite film of 2010 (which I didn’t get a chance to see until this year) is now available on Blu-Ray from Artificial Eye. I’ve put in an order. But there are only two left in stock at Amazon.

Philip Seymour Hoffman starring in Death of a Salesman on Broadway? With Andrew Garfield as Biff? Yes, please.

Snow White isn’t the only fairy tale princess being awakened with a Hollywood kiss for a new big-screen makeover. But will the glass slipper fit on Mark Romanek’s foot?


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