A new Christmas-gift offer for the poets and poetry lovers in your life

Here’s a message from Anne:

“There’s still time to order your very own copy of my new collection of poems, Delicate Machinery Suspended, before 2011 ends! For those who do, I’m offering a signed bookplate to be sent to the recipient of your choice. Order two or more and I’ll include a foretaste, a preview of poems not published (two)! Just send me a FB message or email my personal assistant, Jeffrey, at joverstreet@gmail.com, and include the recipient’s name, any holiday (or other) sentiment you’d like to include, and your snail mail address or the address of the recipient. We’ll pop the plates in the post, posthaste.”

Here’s a review from the poet Derek Sheffield:

“Overstreet’s voice in these poems is convincingly sincere. Think Wordsworth. The poems are beautifully crafted, but what I especially love in them is how they aim for the best in us. They are engagingly compassionate and laced with hope. What a nice change of pace. Irony at 100 MPH can get old, even as it exhilarates. Overstreet’s book is quietly surprising. It invites us to embrace the beauty and loss that make up our lives. In this respect, her voice is right on key. Give it a listen.”

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About Jeffrey Overstreet

Jeffrey Overstreet departed the Patheos network in order to escape click-bait advertisements that were offending him and his readers. He will re-launch Looking Closer at lookingcloser.org soon. He is the author of The Auralia Thread, a four-volume fantasy series that begins with Auralia's Colors, and a memoir of "dangerous moviegoing" called Through a Screen Darkly. He teaches creative writing and film studies; speaks internationally about art and faith; served as Writer-in-Residence at Covenant College; and is employed by Seattle Pacific University as a project manager, copyeditor, and writer.