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Of Gods and Men (2010)

At Seattle's Harvard Exit theatre last March, I witnessed a rare and wonderful thing on the big screen—a thoughtful portrayal of devout Christians putting their faith into practice.I was caught off guard. I've developed a serious allergy to "Christian movies." They usually turn out to be big-screen sermons with very little storytelling imagination and hardly a trace of poetry or visual composition. Moreover, they're often misguided fairy tales that imply a relationship with Jesus will lead to a … [Read more...]

Oscar Night on Sunday

On Friday night, in Calgary, AB, I'll be speaking about the Oscars, the movies Oscar overlooked, and taking the road less traveled to a life of rewarding, life-changing, "dangerous" moviegoing.On Saturday night I'll be flying home to Seattle.On Sunday night... … [Read more...]

Through Calgary darkly…

I'll be speaking about "dangerous moviegoing" on Friday night in Calgary, AB... … [Read more...]

Marilynne Robinson on Faith, Science, and the Truth

There is no book arriving in 2012 that I am more excited to read than Marilynne Robinson's When I Was a Child I Read Books.This week, The Chronicle of Higher Education published an excerpt... … [Read more...]

Epistemartha, Epistemarcy, Epistemay, Epistemology

What did you think of that discomforting final moment in Martha Marcy May Marlene?Michael Leary is talking about it at Filmwell...  … [Read more...]

Oscars: What will win? What should win? Come on. There are better questions.

Once a year, at the Kindlings Muse - a live panel discussion that takes place at Hale's Brewery and Pub - we devote a whole show to considering the strengths, weaknesses, themes, and theological implications of popular movies.Today, the podcast of our annual Oscar show was posted, featuring Dr. Jeff Keuss and Dr. Chris Chaney, show host Jennie Spohr, and for comic relief... me!We talk about all nine Best Picture nominees... … [Read more...]

Behind the Scenes with Photographer Fritz Liedtke

I'm so glad that the incredible work by my friend Fritz Liedtke is finding an appreciative audience.Here's an impressive behind-the-scenes video... … [Read more...]

The Secret World of Arrietty (2010): A Looking Closer Film Forum

A Looking Closer Film Forum is an evolving "conversation" among critics... a "round-table" review of perspectives from critics I regularly consult as I revise my list of viewing priorities. I haven't seen the film yet, but these reviews have intrigued me.Check back from time to time, as I may add more reviews to the list. … [Read more...]

Against the deliberate “integration” of faith and art

Thanks to a Tweet from Image, I read an interview this morning with Wayne Roosa, an artist and art historian, in First Things. And I came across some words that were stronger than espresso. They woke me up and drove me to concentrate. … [Read more...]

How do you define "kitsch"?

How do you define "kitsch"?If your answer is "A savory, open-faced pastry crust pie with a savory custard filling of cheese, meat and vegetables," then you need to consult a dictionary.Conversations about kitsch are tricky business. What exactly is it? Can any art that makes you feel warm and fuzzy be called "kitsch"?Usually, when the subject comes up, I end up going back to Gregory Wolfe's editorial on the work of Thomas Kinkade. It's always helpful.Today, thanks to a Tweet and … [Read more...]