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My own thoughts on The Help, shared by an unlikely critic

Somebody agrees with me about The Help! “If you were to come to me and say that you were ambivalent because you felt the writing was not balanced… that you felt — like with Aibileen and Minny and Yule May and Constantine — that you didn’t feel there were a lot of colors to the character, that their humanity was not explored… that you saw just a blank, flat unrealistic stereotype… then I would go with you. I think that is a fair criticism.” Guess who said that.  … [Read more...]

indieWire: One Best Picture nominee "towers above the rest."

Matt Zoller Seitz and Serena Bramble have crafted a wonderful video essay on one of the nine films nominated for Best Picture. … [Read more...]

Pina (2011)

My review of Wim Wenders' 3D tribute to Pina Bausch is published at Good Letters, the blog belonging to Image. … [Read more...]

The Grey (2012): A Looking Closer Film Forum

A Looking Closer Film Forum is an evolving “conversation” among critics… a “round-table” review of perspectives from critics I regularly consult as I revise my list of viewing priorities. I haven’t seen the film yet, but these reviews have intrigued me.Check back from time to time, as I may add more reviews to the list.The GreyIt looks like we have the makings of a debate between these first two reviewers. … [Read more...]

Listen to a podcast discussion of The Tree of Life at The Kindlings Muse.

Here's the podcast recording of the discussion I had about Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life at The Kindlings Muse with Jennie Spohr and Dr. Chris Chaney. … [Read more...]

Of Gods and Men: A film about faith made by artists, not evangelists.

At Seattle's Harvard Exit theatre last March, I witnessed a rare and wonderful thing on the big screen—a thoughtful portrayal of devout Christians putting their faith into practice.I was caught off guard. I've developed a serious allergy to "Christian movies." They usually turn out to be big-screen sermons with very little storytelling imagination and hardly a trace of poetry or visual composition. Moreover, they're often misguided fairy tales that imply a relationship with Jesus will lead t … [Read more...]

Oscar predictions.

Based on my experience of watching and reading about the Academy Awards in past years, here are my Oscar predictions... … [Read more...]

Inside a Poet’s Delicate Machinery

It is with joy and wild fanboy enthusiasm that I draw your attention to this week's IAM Conversations podcast.Listen in as Christy Tennant speaks with poet Anne M. Doe Overstreet, whose collection of poetry, Delicate Machinery Suspended, was released last year by T.S. Poetry Press.This episode of IAM Conversations was produced by Christy Tennant. IAM Conversations Theme Music, "Double Happiness," by Kevin Gosa. … [Read more...]