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Lourdes (2009)

[This review was originally published at Good Letters, the blog hosted by Image.]Caution: Lourdes is a movie that may complicate your prayers. And prayer is complicated enough already, isn’t it? … [Read more...]

My Sixpence None the Richer wish is coming true…

Whenever I put on Sixpence None the Richer, my cat Jonathan Mardukas sings along.Sometimes, Zooey joins in, singing harmony.They're a regular She & Him, Zooey and the Duke.And speaking of Sixpence None the Richer... … [Read more...]

Oscars, Schmoscars.

Look what Roger Ebert's adding to his Ten Greatest Films list. … [Read more...]

Blue Like Jazz (2012): A Conversation with Steve Taylor

My review of Blue Like Jazz was published at several days ago.But that was just the warm-up.My conversation with director Steve Taylor has just been published on the website of Seattle Pacific University's Response magazine. Enjoy.We talked about the movie, how the good people at Reed College responded to it, and more. Steve opened up about his feelings on The Hunger Games, The Tree of Life, and his upcoming rock album. … [Read more...]

"It is competent and sufficient, and … that’s what’s truly, dismayingly disappointing about it."

Here's an excerpt from a thorough, excellent review of Gary Ross's The Hunger Games by Roderick Heath: "If I’m sounding a little jaded about Collins’ creation, which I enjoyed reading, it’s because the more I thought about The Hunger Games, the less and less satisfied I was. It’s a novel that carefully sets up a situation that is, by definition, a zone of moral nullification, and yet contrives to have our heroine emerge smelling like a rose without ever having to make a genuinely hard choice, in … [Read more...]

Hello, Moody Radio Midday Connection listeners!

It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Melinda Schmidt today on Moody Radio's "Midday Connection."If you've come here after listening to that, here are some things you might want to know:You can email me at joverstreet [at] can follow me on Facebook at (please *don't* bother trying to connect to my other Facebook profile, which I'm currently in the process of dismantling). … [Read more...]

Journey into Poetry

I come from a family that read hungrily and constantly; there was music—banjo to clarinet to piano—and hikes beside copper-colored ponds, beneath the huff and shrug of spruce at places like Peaks of Otter, reciting the names of deciduous trees. In between, stillness, time to reflect. And within that, Walter Farley’s novels and Webster’s Dictionary, the 1970 edition, I Capture the Castle and World Book Encyclopedia, which opened up the universe and made me hungry to understand why a Tennessee Walk … [Read more...]

Should we stomp Blue Like Jazz because it isn’t some kind of timeless, poetic masterpiece?

It's been interesting, perusing the reviews and comments provoked by Steve Taylor's movie Blue Like Jazz. … [Read more...]

Gregory Wolfe on the art and legacy of Thomas Kinkade

Today in The Wall Street Journal, Gregory Wolfe considers the work of Thomas Kinkade: Why it appeals to so many people, what it means, what it denies. … [Read more...]

Taylor-Made: Why You’re Missing Out If You Don’t Go See Blue Like Jazz

Of all the movies playing in theaters this weekend, I encourage you to choose Blue Like Jazz.Why? … [Read more...]