What to Expect in This Blog’s Upcoming Days

The new and improved Looking Closer blog is open for business, but there will be a lot of construction over the next several months.

It’s going to be strange: As I post new things, I’m also going be restoring old posts. So the blog will expand forward and backward.

Please email me if you find links that aren’t working or other problems. (Please don’t report problems here in the Comments, as I hope to correct problems quickly and would rather not have to moderate repair-related comments in public.)

Where are all of the archives from past years of the blog? Well, they’re all still there, on the old blog, for now. Most of them will be restored here too, but that will happen gradually as they are revisited, repaired, and sometimes even revised. I learned a lot from the early years of blogging, and I hope to clean up some of the debris from past mistakes.

You’ll notice that links will sometimes send you back to the old version of the blog. This is unavoidable at the moment… it will take a long time to revise links that referred readers to pages from the old blog. But we’re off to a good start in revising them.

Thank you for your patience.


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