About Jeffrey Overstreet

Jeffrey Overstreet has two passions: writing fiction, and celebrating art — music, cinema, photography, literature — through writing and teaching. He is the author of a “memoir of dangerous moviegoing” — Through a Screen Darkly. And his four-novel fantasy series, The Auralia Thread, which begins with Auralia's Colors, was published by Random House. He speaks at universities and conferences around the world about understanding art through eyes of faith. He is earning his MFA in Creative Writing at Seattle Pacific University, where he has worked for 11 years as an editor, writer, and communications project manager. His work has been recognized in The New Yorker, TIME, The Seattle Times, IMAGE, Ravi Zacharias International — and Christianity Today, where he served as a film journalist for more than a decade. He recently began a weekly column called "Listening Closer" for Christ and Pop Culture.

Join Me for a Live Podcast Recording About the Best Records of 2015 (So Far)

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On Monday, May 11, at Hale's Brewery and Pub in Seattle, you can join Dr. Jeff Keuss, Anna Miller, music critic Chris Estey from The Stranger and Seattle Weekly, and me for an evening of discussion about the most exciting and meaningful music we've heard in 2015 so far.It's the live podcast recording of The Kindlings Muse, so we'll be sampling songs, taking questions, and raising glasses. Reserve your seats here!What's your favorite record of 2015 so far? Let me know, and I'll try to ma … [Read more...]

Madonna, Bettye LaVette, and Joe Henry: Whose Version of “Stop” is the Best?


The new album by Bettye LaVette, produced by Joe Henry, features some excellent test cases when it comes to the subject of cover songs. … [Read more...]

And Suddenly… Harrison Ford, Back in Character!


We held our breath.The Lucasfilm logo came up.We cheered.Familiar music...Familiar sights...And then... … [Read more...]

This Weekend in Houston: Scott Cairns, Jason Harrod, Doug TenNapel, and Me!


Dear Writers, Artists, Teachers, and Students,HBU's annual Writers Conference takes place this year on Friday, April 10 and Saturday, April 11.We have some amazing speakers again, headlined by award-winning poet Scott Cairns. In addition to Mr. Cairns, we’re featuring a number of other high-profile speakers, including current Emmy Award nominee Doug TenNapel (see attached flyer for more). To register, and to view our schedule and list of speakers, visit the site: hb … [Read more...]

In Preparation for Mother’s Day: U2, Over the Rhine, Sufjan Stevens, St. Vincent, and More


In 2006, when U2’s Bono guest-edited an issue of The Independent, he interviewed comedian Eddie Izzard, and they explored questions about the influences of their mothers over their own desire for the affections of their audiences.Bono has, of course, sung about this. In “Mofo,” rock’n’roll becomes his surrogate mother — a source of identity and inspiration as well as a channel for his cries to his absent mother.And then, in the recent Songs of Innocence, he sings about her specifically in … [Read more...]

Off-Duty Angel: A Few Thoughts on Easter


I heard this somewhere. It stuck. I think about it often, especially at Easter. I think it's true.The story goes like so... … [Read more...]

Wearing God — Lauren Winner’s New Book is Full of Surprises About God


Did you know that the Bible describes God as a "laboring woman"?How often do you think of God as someone who smells things? Do smells really make a difference for God? If so, what does that mean?How often do you look at a piece of bread and think of God?And while we're on the subject of bread — is white bread really appropriate for communion?These are just a few of the subjects explored in the new book by Lauren F. Winner. Order this book — Wearing God — for yourself, and for thos … [Read more...]

How to Get “Let It Go” Out of Your Head: The Hadestown Cure

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Symptoms of a devastating epidemic struck my coworker Julia yesterday. She slumped forward on her desk, pressed her hands against her ears, and groaned, “Oh, it’s still in my head. It’s been there for days. It just keeps going and going and it won’t stop.”This mysterious and severe affliction has swept across America and around the world. Parents are the population that suffers most. … [Read more...]

Looking Elsewhere: MFA Adventures, April Foolishness, and More

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From April Fool's antics to coming attractions, this installment of "Looking Elsewhere" is loaded with goodness.Please forgive the slow-down in posts lately: I have just returned from ten days on Whidbey Island. It wasn't a vacation. It was the third of five residencies that are the main events of my adventure in Seattle Pacific University's MFA in Creative Writing program. Ten days of reading, writing, and relationships filled me with inspiration for new writing endeavors. The busy schedule … [Read more...]

Smelly Soapbox


I used some hand soap today that smelled powerfully of fresh watermelon.And I got to thinking about what a simple trick it plays on the mind: "I'm smelling something that makes me think of sweet fresh fruit, so this soap must have made my hands very clean and thoroughly sanitized!" … [Read more...]