Must All Good Things Come to an End? Exhibit 54325697a: No Depression

For No Depression, style was substance.Alas, time has run out for the last great music magazine in which writing about music was the Main Event.Don't get me wrong. I'm a big fan of Paste. But Paste is a very busy magazine, and sometimes it's a challenge to get past the wild and crazy designs to actually read the text. No Depression was a consistent, dependable delivery of passionate perspective on music every single time, with no razzle nor dazzle. It was in the pages of No Depression … [Read more...]

The Browser 2/19: Engagement Sandra Bullock-style. Anne Lamott. Kindlings Muse.

Best Engagement Story Ever?My friend Tara Mansbridge and I had an extensive IM chat this weekend. She sent Anne and me an exciting announcement -- she's engaged to a fantastic guy named Bryan. This was no surprise. Tara recently relocated from Toronto to Colorado Springs due to Bryan's influence. But we're delighted that it's official now.Why am I blogging about this? Because it's the best movie-related engagement story I've ever heard. In fact... I think it's the best engagement story … [Read more...]

“Bridge to Terabithia” and “The Spiderwick Chronicles”

Since Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings films, fantasy has become (predictably) a disappointing genre at the movies.It's becoming all too familiar... a director borrows Jackson's techniques for dazzling audiences, but demonstrates ignorance when it comes to good scripts and character development. Or the filmmakers get so excited about editing their film for maximum excitement that they make mincemeat of their actors' performances. Pan's Labyrinth is the most impressive exception, but for … [Read more...]

Colbert Explains Hell

Did you see Stephen Colbert's rather memorable interview with Dr. Philip Zombardo?When the misguided doctor begins to explain that Lucifer was justified in rebelling against God, Colbert takes him to school. Sunday school. And he does so in his own fearless fashion, mixing truth with his own brand of irony.But viewer discretion is advised: There is a crass, but bleeped, exclamation in this clip. (And yet, who can blame him for having strong feelings on this subject?)Thanks to Opus … [Read more...]

Mill Creek, WA: Here Comes Auralia

When I was a kid, my idea of a great Friday night on the town involved going to the library and assembling a stack of storybooks so immense that my mom had to help me carry them to the counter.So it's a thrill to be invited again to read at a public library. … [Read more...]

The Browser 2/14: Derrickson on U23D. Patrice Leconte. Hobbit. Pics.

Scott Derrickson on U23DFilmmaker Scott Derrickson found some time in the middle of his hard work on The Day the Earth Stood Still to comment on my euphoric reaction to U23D. He writes: I had a very similar experience Jeffrey. The new Technology is astounding, and I now understand why Cameron is obsessed with it. It's a new kind of cinema. There is no frame. It's not something you watch, it's something you're IN. And like you, I'm so glad the experience of the technology was matched by the … [Read more...]

You’ll Believe a Moviegoer Can Fly.

Once in a great while, I have a dream in which I can fly like Superman. When it happens, it's extremely vivid. I feel wind, gravity, and a fearless thrill of soaring high over the city and then swooping down to tease the rooftops or the treetops or the surface of the ocean.Nothing in my waking life creates quite the same feeling.Well... it hasn't until now. … [Read more...]

Congrats to Colleen Lindsay!

Several months ago, I received some encouraging words regarding Auralia's Colors from fantasy-lit enthusiast Colleen Lindsay, otherwise known as La Gringa, who blogs at The Swivet.That prompted me to contact her, and I've enjoyed our correspondence ever since. Previously, she was director of publicity at Del Rey. Working at Doubleday, she contributed to the success of the book Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light.I bring this up because Lindsay's just taken an exciting step in her career, and … [Read more...]

A Mike Leigh Joint

Just spotted another must-see title for my 2008 moviegoing calendar.Mike Leigh's Secrets and Lies remains one of my all-time favorite films. Naked, while it is unrelentingly dark and disturbing, contains my favorite big screen performance by an actor (David Thewlis, although Daniel Day-Lewis may give him a run for his money, the more I think about There Will Be Blood.) Topsy-Turvy was a hoot, and a high point in Jim Broadbent's colorful career. And Vera Drake was sorely mistreated by … [Read more...]

Most Underrated Franchise Entry?

Okay, after thinking that I was the only one on earth to hold this opinion, I've met two smart, thoughtful moviegoers in the last 24 hours who count The Matrix Revolutions as their favorite movie in the Matrix series. So since I'm coming out at a Revolutions fan, this is your big chance:What franchise film do you consider the most underrated and overlooked? … [Read more...]