I now have twitter

I have opened a twitter account. I’m Libby Anne and the thing by my name is @lovejoyfeminism.

Clearly from how I just phrased the above, I have never even gotten on twitter before and I’m not exactly even sure how it works. What’s with all the #s and @s? I sense there will be a learning curve!

Any tips or advice as I get started?

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About Libby Anne

Libby Anne grew up in a large evangelical homeschool family highly involved in the Christian Right. College turned her world upside down, and she is today an atheist, a feminist, and a progressive. She blogs about leaving religion, her experience with the Christian Patriarchy and Quiverfull movements, the detrimental effects of the "purity culture," the contradictions of conservative politics, and the importance of feminism.

  • Pteryxx

    Heh! @stringofletters denotes an actual twitter handle, belonging to a person or organization. You can search @name for any tweets made by or mentioning that person, no matter what they’re about.

    #stringofletters is called a “hashtag” and denotes a topic. It’s for searching for any tweets relating to that topic, no matter who they’re by.

    What’s neat (in my opinion) is that hashtags arose spontaneously in the community because people needed a way to follow topics and jump into conversations between twitterers they didn’t know or follow. So they invented one.

  • Susan

    hi Libby anne nothing coming up with that username on twitter


    • Libby Anne

      I think I have the settings right, though I’m not 100% sure. Try going to http://twitter.com/lovejoyfeminism. If that doesn’t work, please reply and let me know!

      • Pteryxx

        Link works for me and I see your first two tweets! (non-twitter user here)

  • ‘Tis Himself, OM

    I now have twitter

    Turn away from the Dark Side before it’s too late.

  • http://nolongerquivering.com Vyckie Garrison

    Yay – glad to see you on Twitter. I see you are already following @NoQuivering :)

    I sent “shout out” encouraging NLQ followers to follow you too. Have fun!

  • kaleissin

    The most important thing about twitter is that your experience will only be as good as the people you follow. It’s not facebook, you don’t have to follow everyone that follows you. Be snobby and critical, stop following those that write about stuff that don’t interest you, or write so often you can’t keep up, or who retweet (copy) things other have said on twitter that you don’t care about.

    The second most important things are the hashtags, the #-stuff. I got “live” coverage of the goings on in Iran as it happened, and Utøya, and Occupy. Then I’d compare with the old media. Turns out the latter lives in an entirely different universe than the rest of us.

    The third most important thing are the links. Wonderful, wonderful stuff. I found Pharyngula through a link on twitter and hopped over to ftb when he moved here, and that’s how I found this blog. Link quality is 100% dependent on the most important thing about twitter though :)

  • Didaktylos

    Just joined your list of followers

  • http://loreleitracy.etsy.com LoreleiHI

    I’m following you! :)

    I’m @LoreleiHI (no, really!). :p

  • MasterDarksol

    following :)

    As is mentioned above, # is generally used to denote a topic that you’re commenting on (i.e. #feminism). It allows others to search a topic and see everyone’s conversation that uses the hashtag.

  • http://janeyqdoe.com/ Janey Q Doe

    With perfect timing, this appeared in my twitter feed as I was reading this post : http://www.momthisishowtwitterworks.com

    I’ve had twitter for a few years and it’s teaching me things.

  • Brad

    Check out this extremely useful (free) introduction to twitter: