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A couple of my readers asked if I could add a “recent comments” section on the right sidebar of my blog. There’s one included automatically but it only shows the five most recent, and apparently that’s not enough for some of you. :-P

So, on my sidebar, if you scroll down below my bio, the list of FtB blogs, the ads, and the custom “recent posts” boxes, right after a search bar you will find a listing of the twenty most recent comments, followed by my categories and my “key posts” boxes.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to make your experience here positive. :-)

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About Libby Anne

Libby Anne grew up in a large evangelical homeschool family highly involved in the Christian Right. College turned her world upside down, and she is today an atheist, a feminist, and a progressive. She blogs about leaving religion, her experience with the Christian Patriarchy and Quiverfull movements, the detrimental effects of the "purity culture," the contradictions of conservative politics, and the importance of feminism.

  • Yukimi

    Thanks :)

  • Pteryxx

    Thank you!

  • michaeld

    Is complementary hot cocoa a possibility? Pretty please? *flutters lashes*

    • Libby Anne

      Hm. I’ll have to work on that one. In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory they sent a chocolate bar across TV so it should be doable, right? ;-)

  • furtivezoog

    One feature of your posting style that I really appreciate is that your titles tend to be usefully descriptive, helping me find articles of particular interest. Ideally, I would have the time to read every post made on Freethought Blogs (in addition to a bunch of other sites), I don’t, of course.

  • Caravelle

    Thanks, that’s a really good feature and allows one to follow comment conversations (and thus comment) much more easily. Latest five comments is better than nothing I guess but it really isn’t enough to tell which threads are active and who’s saying what where. 10 is good. I don’t recall frequenting a site with 20 so we’ll see if it’s even better than 10 or if it’s verging on overkill…

    (then again, it would depend on the frequency of comments)

  • Sarah

    I would like a home button. I often start at Pharyngula then link here through recent posts, but have no way to get to your home page.

    • furtivezoog

      Hi Sarah, I tend to do the same thing, especially since Pharyngula is the first thing that comes up when I Google “freethought blogs” (lazy ‘bookmarking’…). Did you know that you can click on the banner for “Love, Joy, Feminism” at the top of the page to get to the blogger’s home page, the same as with any other blog on the site?

      • Sarah

        Ah -ha! Thanks, I hadn’t realised that.

  • John Morales


    Clicking on the category tag (in this post, it’s ‘meta’) does not display only those posts tagged with ‘meta’.

    (Something is broken)

    • Libby Anne

      I figured it out. I have my categories nested. This means that when you click on a top category (i.e. GLBTQ and Sexuality) it will show everything in that category and in the categories beneath it. I didn’t realize that, so had nested “Dear Libby” and “Worthwhile Reads” under “Meta” for convenience. I’ve changed that, since “Meta” is really just supposed to be for housekeeping posts.