Memorial Day Weekend Wrap Up

When planning my posts for this past weekend, I didn’t think about the fact that it was Memorial Day weekend. Since people are generally online less over a holiday weekend, I probably should have slowed down on posting. Except I didn’t. So I thought I would offer a sort of link wrap up for the posts I put up over the weekend. Enjoy!

What Feminism Means to Me

Raised Quiverfull: Homeschooling Complete

Worthwhile Reads: Marriage, the Bible, Sex, and Modesty

Marital Blind Spots: Miming Our Parents’ Mistakes

Worthwhile Reads: Dateable: Am I?

Raised Quiverfull: Purity, Q. 1

Interesting Parallels: Patriarchy in Islam and Christianity

Dear Libby: How Can I Help My Cousins?

"And, I thought that Sufis tend to not be into violence as well!"

Todd Starnes, the Values Voter Summit, ..."
"Why on earth am I thinking Babiš..."

How Did Saying “Merry Christmas” Become ..."
"But let's not forget it wasn't ALL women and children first. Far more women and ..."

Todd Starnes, the Values Voter Summit, ..."
"Straight people who are homophobic are irrational. I imagine confronting one and saying, “Look, you ..."

Todd Starnes, the Values Voter Summit, ..."

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