Memorial Day Weekend Wrap Up

When planning my posts for this past weekend, I didn’t think about the fact that it was Memorial Day weekend. Since people are generally online less over a holiday weekend, I probably should have slowed down on posting. Except I didn’t. So I thought I would offer a sort of link wrap up for the posts I put up over the weekend. Enjoy!

What Feminism Means to Me

Raised Quiverfull: Homeschooling Complete

Worthwhile Reads: Marriage, the Bible, Sex, and Modesty

Marital Blind Spots: Miming Our Parents’ Mistakes

Worthwhile Reads: Dateable: Am I?

Raised Quiverfull: Purity, Q. 1

Interesting Parallels: Patriarchy in Islam and Christianity

Dear Libby: How Can I Help My Cousins?

"Yeah, tell me about it. "I used to work in software development some 30 years ..."

Lesbian Duplex 171: An Open Thread
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Lesbian Duplex 172: An Open Thread
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Saturday Link Love: Kanye, Alfie, and ..."
"a. Mostly fun and games.If I look back on my childhood and teens in general ..."

Lesbian Duplex 172: An Open Thread

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