Worthwhile Reads: Circumcision

I will not be having my son circumcised. Here are some links that deal with the issue (I do not endorse everything on these websites, and am not claiming that these links are the be all end all on the circumcision issue, only that they raise interesting points and provoke thought on the topic).

The Truth about Circumcision, on Authentic Parenting

12 Reasons to Say “No” to Circumcision, on Natural Family Online

Intact America, a website with information and links

While these links discuss the supposed health benefits of circumcision, my main reason for deciding not to circumcise my son is that I don’t believe parents should physically alter their children’s bodies by cutting off body parts. If my son decides he wants to be circumcised, he can be circumcised as an adult; I will not play a role in robbing him of that decision.

I’m actually really encouraged, because even though I made the decision not to circumcise years before conceiving my son, two different friends approached me about the issue when they found out I was expecting a boy. And I, in turn, have worked to return the favor for anyone I find out is expecting a boy. It’s encouraging to think that word is getting out on this issue.

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