Worthwhile Reads: Vision Forum hosts conference on food

Vision Forum Hosts Conference on Food

Thus, Vision Forum has managed to weave patriarchy, fear of so-called “statism”, and distrust of environmentalism into a conference on food. Their distrust of environmentalism does not surprise me, given Doug Philips’ hostility toward environmentalists and Earth Day. Still, it disappoints me because environmentalism, sustainability, and food are closely connected issues. A conference on food issues could have been a perfect opportunity to discuss the relevance of environmentalism on health and food.

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  • shadowspring

    So, I don’t really want to visit Vision Forums sight. What’s their take on things? All natural? Hallelujah Diet? Bill Gothard grind-your-own-bread-flour? Ezekiel bread?

  • shadowspring

    *grrr sight= site

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    Thanks for the shout-out!