Please toot your own horn!

I’ve noticed that some of my readers have been using my comments sections, where relevant, to point to their own blog or to a post they once wrote. This is completely fine by me, but since some of you have expressed reticence about “tooting your own horn,” I thought I’d create a post specifically for tooting your own horn.

Do you have a blog? What topics do you blog about? Are there a couple of pieces you are especially proud of? Please share!

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About Libby Anne

Libby Anne grew up in a large evangelical homeschool family highly involved in the Christian Right. College turned her world upside down, and she is today an atheist, a feminist, and a progressive. She blogs about leaving religion, her experience with the Christian Patriarchy and Quiverfull movements, the detrimental effects of the "purity culture," the contradictions of conservative politics, and the importance of feminism.

  • Sam

    I’ve been reading LJF since the Blogspot days, but try to avoid commenting unless I actually have something to say, because though I grew up “Fundiegelical”, it wasn’t technically Quiverfull or Patriarchical, and I really don’t want to draw a false equivalence.

    I have an incredibly non-specialized blog. The majority of posts were logging my National Novel Writing Month efforts this year, but I’ve also touched on light issues such as pop culture, heavier issues like politics, projects, like my novel or artwork I’ve done, and personal issues such as depression and insomnia.

    Eventually, I would like to go into more detail about my homeschooling experience, but so far I’ve been to scared to. So at this point, the post I’m the most proud of is called “Allergies and Depression” where I try to explain what depression really is by using the analogy of allergies.

  • Jayn

    I tend to be a bit spotty on updates, but I keep a blog over at Equality Set Us Free. The overall focus is on anything related to social justice, though autism and feminism are the two most common angles simply because those are areas of particular importance to me.

    For posts I’m particularly proud (or at least fond) of, the first would be my initial post, Marriage, Commitment and Obligation which was sparked by someone lamenting the lack of shotgun weddings these days. The other one is To be or not to be which talks about something of an identity issue I’ve been wrestling with since my autism diagnosis.

    • Jayn

      Geez, I finally figure out what type of coding this site uses and I forget to close a tag :/

      • Libby Anne

        Fixed it for you!

  • Yami

    I have a blog! I do deconstructions and general musings about life, writing, gender roles, religion, et cetera. This month I’m doing posts about christmas carols, one per day. You can find it at

  • Vixi Dragon

    I blog over at
    I do jewelry / dig tutorials, parenting issues (I have 5 kids, including a set of almost 3 yr old triplets), LGBTQ issues (my spouse is a transwoman), and the occasional political / life issue rant.

    Here’s the link to how my spouse came out to me as transgendered:

    • Vixi Dragon

      DIY not *dig
      Sorry – autocorrect.

  • Marta L.

    Thanks for this opportunity, Libby Anne!

    I’m a progressive Christian (a Methodist, for what that matters) and a grad student studying philosophy of religion. Several years back I tried to quit Christianity because of the harm I saw its more fundamentalist arms doing, but I found I really was a theist at heart and so calling myself an atheist meant lying to whomever I was talking to. I also think Christianity has substantial resources to understand both ethics and human nature, and also what kind of God I might believe in – and I wanted to work within the tradition to make sure those aspects weren’t lost in the face of the way fundies tried to use my religion. So my blog deals with these issues – part responding to atheists as to how you can be a rational Christian, part trying to offer a more nuanced Christianity and critique the fundamentalists. But I’m really more interested in having a conversation on topics related to faith and reason, than I am in doing apologetics of any kind. I also talk about gender and sexuality issues, and other news stories that interest me. (Lately I’ve been working my way through Libby Anne’s series of ten hard questions for pro-choice politicians.) Plus I talk about my life in grad school along with my fannish interests (mainly Tolkien, including links to my fanfic there).

    Basically, if you’re interested in seeing the thoughts of a thoughtful sometimes-agnostic-sometimes-theist, feel free to join the conversation. The blog is really at , but most of the conversation seems to happen at my facebook page (Marta Layton) so feel free to friend me there as well.

  • JW

    Ha, this is funny. Toot toot!! lol. My blog is accessed by clicking on my initials. I just blog about things that cross my mind that I want to get off my chest. Sometimes it is serious, sometimes it is just a curiousity and wondering about. Sometimes I might use the contents of another blog on there or and article I read as the basis of it as well.

  • http://http// John K Pate

    I have a blog too! accessible at: . I mostly talk about computational modeling and cognition, especially regarding language acquisition. It’s more a sciencey blog than a political blog

  • Kacy

    Thanks Libby Anne! I like finding new blogs to read (and tooting my own horn)

    I blog at about my de-conversion journey, which involved time in the Baptist church, Presbyterian church, and Catholic church. I also post the occasional commentary on stories of interest, and my thoughts on parenting. I’m also the librarian for our local freethought library, which means I have access to some really great books. My goal is to make book reviews a regular feature as well. I try to blog daily, skipping Sundays as a family day.

    I have another blog where I post pictures of my knitting and various wildlife found in my backyard. I don’t update this one regularly, but it’s there.

  • Rob F

    Thank you for allowing the self-promotion.
    I blog at The Words on What…. There is no particular focus, but I most often post about politics and the like.

  • perfectnumber628
  • WMDKitty

    Click on my name, there’s my blog. I update whenever I get the urge and/or remember that I have a blog.

  • Kristycat

    I have a blog!

    I started it when I found out I was pregnant- when my daughter-to-be was, as the title suggests, the size of a grain of rice. It was fully-intended to be a mommy blog. But then… well, funnily enough, I didn’t stop thinking thoughts after I had a baby. Sometimes they were even non-baby-related thoughts! And now I had a place to put them.

    So now it’s a mix of baby stuff, politics, and my thoughts on feminism/social justice (and occasionally geekery.)

    Highlights: – furious ranting about a too-common geeky version of sexism – election-era post about Medicaid and austerity politics – the only thing I’ve written that’s been reposted elsewhere – written directly after reading the post on this very site about To Train Up A Child

    And the lighter side:

  • MargueriteF

    My blog is here:

    Ostensibly it’s about my journey from Lutheranism to atheism, but more often it’s just commentary on articles I come across. I read, therefore I snark:-).

  • Lina

    Libby Anne, I think it’s awesome of you to have this post. Some blogs I comment on, I’m scared to even link it in my name, because it seems forward. Anyway, not that I blog very much, but here I am – rambling on childcare and/or being gay and/or religion and/or education and/or cats.

  • Bix

    Thanks for this! I started writing my blog Ripening Reason (accessed via my name) this summer. I write about politics and culture from a feminist, historical, and global perspective, although not always all three at the same time. I’ve spent a lot of time lately writing about contraception, and I’ve started a very long-term project of reading influential feminist works, but so far haven’t progressed past Mary Wollstonecraft. I have Christine de Pizan waiting on my desk, though! I also write about film and the film industry (usually from a feminist perspective), books I enjoyed as a child (usually from a feminist perspective), ballet (maybe someday I’ll write about that from a feminist perspective), and atheism. Do come over and visit!

  • Catherine

    I have two blogs, one for food and one for music!

    The cooking blog is Cate’s Cates, (, and specialises in cooking around all sorts of allergies and dietary requirements while still making as much cake as possible. Right now, it’s all confectionery, all the time, because I’m having my annual mad confectionery sale, but if you have a hunt through my recipe indexes, there’s all sorts of good stuff.

    The singing blog is Cate Sings (, and right now, it’s a musical advent calendar, but usually it’s updated two or three times a week with interesting recordings. My own YouTube clips can also be found there.


  • from two to one

    Hi all! I started reading Libby’s blog way back when it was still on Blogger. I’m pretty sure I spent 2 hours reading through all the posts, and have been an avid reader ever since!

    I blog at from two to one on the intersections of marriage, faith, and feminism. One of my recent posts deals with the sexism inherent in evangelical modesty debates and how it directly counteracts the biblical concept of our bodies as “temples of the Holy Spirit.” Check it out here.

  • Amethyst

    I blog at about whatever I feel like. So far my most popular posts have been about princess culture, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and how to format your own ebook.

    I also write a fantasy/dramedy webseries set in the ancient Greek pantheon at The series currently includes two complete volumes and three stand-alone prequel short stories.

  • Bill Robinson

    Thanks for this opportunity here. My blog is about various aspects of atheism, although it often veers into politics and occasionally humor. What I find interesting is that over the years I have found myself often defending Islam and religion in general from some of the more overzealous attacks of atheists. Not quite the role I had seen when starting this, but then surprises such as this is what makes life so interesting and fun.

    Here is an example of my latest piece about atheism, Christmas and religion. I hope others enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

    Again, thanks for this opportunity.

  • Angelia Sparrow

    Thanks for the chance to talk about our blogs/
    I have two blogs, and the content tends to be mirrored. Livejournal gets my daily round up post, of how many words I’ve written, what cleaning and crafting and job hunting I’ve done. Blogger tends to get more of the promotional stuff for my books.

    Yuletide Youtube is up and running both at the Subannex (my LJ) and the Garden Gazebo (my Blogger). Tune in daily for a new seasonal song: might be Christmas music, might be Cthulhu carols, might be pagan, might be snark. You never know. Also a picture, a craft of the day and a shopping link.

    My blog is not a safe space. Triggery things are discussed without warning, sometimes even without awareness that they are triggers.

  • Ryn

    Well, since you ask, I blog at If not for my lack desire to toot my own horn/spam other people’s blogs, when you posted about the whole Queer at Patrick Henry College thing, I would have linked to the post I did the other day about how the PHC story got me thinking about how glad I am that I wasn’t accepted for HSLDA’s intern program when I applied back when I was 18. If I’d gotten accepted, it would have set me on a path to becoming the cliche of the closeted right-wing activist, trapped in a life I now know I would have hated. Instead, I’m living a life that 18-year-old me wouldn’t have imagined much less have been able to accept, but that I wouldn’t change even if I could.

  • crystal

    Thanks for this opportunity. I blog here – <a href = " – about progressive Catholic stuff and also movies, books, my personal interests.

    Here’s a past post that was a re-posting of some old posts – it’s a pretty good representation, I guess … 7 posts from 5 years past

  • Lana

    @Everyone. cool blogs. (those I’ve just checked out)

    I blog about my journey away from Christian Patriarchy and how my interaction as a liberated woman living in a foreign country and traveling has changed my views of fundamentalism, Calvinism and much more.

    A couple key posts

    and this one

    on why patriarchal families really shelter their kids.

  • Godlesspanther

    OK — I have not produced a video in ages, but I have 60-some on Youtube.

    Godlesspanther’s channel

    Some are just silly, some poetry, some academic, some creationism, Michael Pearl, Satanic Panic, conspiracy theory, some admittedly boring.

    I intend to do some more, but I seem to have a hard time constructing them. I guess I was younger then.

  • Christian Vagabond

    My blog is at . I haven’t posted there recently because life got a little busy and it feels weird to blog without an audience. But I’m still determined to keep at it. My blog was inspired by people like you Libby, and a feeling that I never quite fit into the usual religious categories (long story short: I’m too theologically conservative for liberal Christians, and too politically and theologically liberal for conservative Christians.) I thin my best posts are Fight Club Theology (my first stab at my religious journey) and Are liberal Churches Dying?

  • Katherine Lorraine, Chaton de la Mort

    I have a blog that’s partway between a “I write about video games” and “I write about things that have happened in my life” and “OH MY GOD I’M TRANS WHAT DO I DO *flail*” stuff. It’s linked in my name, that’s about it.

  • bmiller

    I would like to start a blog, but haven’t figured out the topic yet. As I have progressed in my education, I have developed a paralysing fear of commitment – to opinions. I feel that writing a blog would help me overcome this by forcing me to put my views up for criticism.

    • Bill Robinson

      The nice thing about opinions bmiller is that you can change them if someone convinces you that you are wrong. I also have a bit of a fear about putting my opinions out there, especially since they so often seem a bit…. different.

      But I found that this is a good way of articulating your ideas and in doing so coming to a better understanding of those opinions and of yourself. I have also found that defending my views has also helped me clarify to myself as well as others what I really do think. And occasionally I have discovered that I am wrong and have had to change my opinions. I won’t say this is painless in that I really hate being wrong or looking foolish (my perception of myself in these cases).

      If you have this desire I would urge you to pursue it. You could just start a general one on any topic that hits you at that time. As you go forwards with it you will probably find yourself naturally gravitating towards one subject matter over others.

      Anyway, good luck with starting one and if you do I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed my blogging.

  • Tracey

    My current blog is the link in my name. It’s about my travels to various churches near my home. I plan to visit every church around here eventually. Right now I’m taking December to sit back and just post what’s on my mind about religion.

    I also have an older blog for amusing videos and other stuff I’ve created:
    It was fun until my camera broke. All the old videos are still there though.

  • Ryan Stauffer

    Oh, okay!

    I skew toward the liberal end of evangelicalism, and I operate a feminist news digest with some Christianity thrown in over at I’m particularly happy with this post about the time I caught The Good Men Project posting rape porn:

    But mostly the point of the site is to distill what I think is the most important lady-news of the day into a few links for the busy feminist who doesn’t have three hours a day to read the entire internet.

    Thanks, Libby Anne!

  • Darryl

    I don’t have a blog, but I do have a novel!

    The Secret Feast of Father Christmas is a story that reinvents the traditional gift giver. There are no toymaking elves or flying reindeer here. Father Christmas lives in a secret palace called Very North. He is married to Mother Solstice, a pantheistic demigoddess. (Father Christmas himself is probably Unitarian Universalist.) My hero is a 13 year-old boy named Mannie, who lives in New Zealand in 1937. He loses an atheist loved one early in the story, and struggles with the implication that she could possibly have been relegated to Hell, as those in his Anglican community seem to believe.

    The first three chapters can be read for free here:
    (There are also a couple of songs tied to the story located on an embedded player.)
    The author (me) is a Secular Humanist, former Walt Disney Imagineer and consulting writer and playwright. Thanks, Libby Anne, for letting me promote!

  • Sheila Crosby

    Thanks Libby!
    I have three blogs which are nothing to do with religion of any sort. If you’re readers are interested, it will be by accident. But hey, why shouldn’t ex-quiverful people be interested in armchair travel too?
    La Palma Island is about the little island I live on, which is off the coast of Africa, but part of Spain.
    El Hierro is about the even smaller neighbouring island. I don’t update that so often.
    Star Island is about the spectacular night sky on La Palma, and My personal blog is me rambling on about life and writing fiction.

    And I’ve just published a guide book to the astronomical observatory here (I said the night sky was spectacular, didn’t I?) You can read extracts at this website.

    Which is quite enough tooting from me. But thanks for the opportunity.

  • yewnique

    Thanks for the opportunity, Libby Anne!

    I describe my blog as a place where I put down my thoughts on ‘faith, homeschooling, and life’. I spent a lot of time reviewing the Jonathan Park Audio Adventure series put out by Vision Forum – 72 episodes/reviews in all. That project is ‘done’ – I have no intention to write any more reviews – but it was something that kept me busy for quite a while.

    I occasionally write about faith issues. I post the occasional recipe.