Commenting Problems!

Many apologies to everyone who has been having problems commenting here, which I understand have been accelerating recently. The “you’re posting too fast” message is something a lot of people are getting.

It seems this is a problem with the Patheos commenting system—it’s that there are too many comments total being posted on all Patheos blogs in that moment, not that an individual commenter is commenting too quickly. I am told that they will be doing a system-wide fix to resolve this problem sometime soon.

In the meantime, my suggestion is to copy your comment before hitting “post” so that if you get the error message you can simply try it again without having to type it out all over again. I don’t think you need to change browser or empty your cookies or anything—if you get the error message, simply trying again should be sufficient, or waiting a minute and then trying again. Please don’t simply give up commenting here, I value your insight!

And once again, sorry for the trouble!

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Libby Anne grew up in a large evangelical homeschool family highly involved in the Christian Right. College turned her world upside down, and she is today an atheist, a feminist, and a progressive. She blogs about leaving religion, her experience with the Christian Patriarchy and Quiverfull movements, the detrimental effects of the "purity culture," the contradictions of conservative politics, and the importance of feminism.

  • L

    Sometimes, just when commenting from my phone, it tells me it can’t post it, maybe my comment is too short (I just try again, usually by the fourth time it lets me). Anyways, I wonder if the patheos comment servers are being sarcastic to me ;)

  • Jayn

    When I’m on the PC I can usually just hit ‘back’ and my comment will still be there (Sometimes I need to reopen the response box). I don’t know if that would work on a mobile device though.

    And naturally I get an error trying to post this :P

    • Conuly

      It does seem to work on my iPad to do it that way, though too many tries and it deletes.

      Libby Anne, do you have any idea how long until Patheos fixes the problem?

  • Sam

    I find that when I hit “refresh” after getting the “Posting too fast” message, it goes ahead and posts.

    • Sam

      (Or if I go “back” in the browse and try again, like happened this time)

  • Lori

    Thanks for letting us know what’s going on and that they’re trying to fix it.

    I have found that I usually can hit the back button and I don’t lose my post, but not always. I have been trying to remember to copy before I hit “post” jic.

    Yep, it’s doing it to me right now (repeatedly). :)

  • Sgaile-beairt

    it seems to be a common thing in wordpress, does patheos use wp as a platform??

    • BabyRaptor

      As far as I can tell, its up to the blogger what comment system they use.

      The Slacktivist and The Friendly Atheist use Disqus.

  • Anonymous Atheist

    One of the other Patheos atheist blogs had a post a week or so ago saying that Patheos was forcing them to convert their blog from the basic WordPress comment system (as currently seen here) to the Disqus comment system (they had a choice of either when starting their blog, but were told they no longer had a choice). Presumably the forced conversions have been gradually spreading to other blogs here that I don’t look at. I’d guess this is related to the comment overload problem, and that the ‘system-wide fix’ may be a system-wide switch to Disqus.

    • Cathy W

      …which will bring its own set of problems, but hey.

  • Katty

    I’ve also had the error message a few times already. Interestingly, it usually appears only for the first post I’m trying to make that day and not on any subsequent comments I might be leaving.

    Also, just hitting “back” on the browser does sometimes work, but sometimes it deletes my comment so I would have to type (or paste) it again.

  • Christian Vagabond

    I’ve noticed that i only get the error when i try to post using Chrome. When i use Firefox, i’ve had no problems.

    • Christine

      I get it on Firefox all the time – hitting “back” helps for me. (The comment won’t appear where I wanted it until I hit the “reply” button, but once I do so the text will be in the box)

  • Larry Clapp

    Regarding saving your comment: There’s an app for that. Or in this case, a browser extension. See