Commenting Problems!

Many apologies to everyone who has been having problems commenting here, which I understand have been accelerating recently. The “you’re posting too fast” message is something a lot of people are getting.

It seems this is a problem with the Patheos commenting system—it’s that there are too many comments total being posted on all Patheos blogs in that moment, not that an individual commenter is commenting too quickly. I am told that they will be doing a system-wide fix to resolve this problem sometime soon.

In the meantime, my suggestion is to copy your comment before hitting “post” so that if you get the error message you can simply try it again without having to type it out all over again. I don’t think you need to change browser or empty your cookies or anything—if you get the error message, simply trying again should be sufficient, or waiting a minute and then trying again. Please don’t simply give up commenting here, I value your insight!

And once again, sorry for the trouble!

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