I don’t believe in a God. More than that, I think it is extremely unlikely that there is a God or a supernatural realm out there. I am an atheist. In Richard Dawkins’ spectrum of theistic possibility, which ranges from 1 to 7, I am a strong 6: “I don’t know for certain but I think God is very improbable, and I live my life on the assumption that he is not there.”

I was not always an atheist. I was raised an evangelical and embraced a progressive sort of Catholicism before eventually letting go of my faith entirely. This process took years, and I’ve written about it here.

For me, atheism is largely about a lack of belief. I’ve wondered before whether anyone would even claim the identity “atheist” if we didn’t live in such a strongly religious world. Yet for all that, I do find a sense of commonality with other atheists in a desire to fight superstition, to value skepticism, and to work to maintain the separation of church and state.

Why am I an atheist? Click here to find out. Also, for more of my story read about my deconversion. Finally, while atheism describes what I don’t believe, Humanism describes what I do believe, and not believing in God does not mean that I lack a system of ethics.


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  • Joshua Pritchard

    So I recently read your posts about your loss of faith in the pro-life movement and this has bought me to looking at the rest of your blog in general.

    Having read this I am interested that you claim to be an athiest (I also read some of your comments about why your an athiest). Reading these has caused me to wonder where you see the diference between your own thoughts around the labels athiest and agnostic.

    Foe myself as a Scientist I am forced to admit that while I can see no evidince of the existance of God neither can i see any evidence for the non existance of God, and as such I am willing to believe that I just dont know for sure. this lack of Knowledge either way on the subject lead me to adopt the label of Agnostic.

    sorry if my question has been answered somwhere else that I have either missed or have yet to read.

    Cheers Joshua

    • J. Branch

      Your question Joshua can be explained simply that it is a point of semantics many people are unfamiliar with. Gnostic/Agnostic is Knowing/Unknowing. Theism/Atheism is belief and unbelief. Therefore most people consider all Atheists to be Gnostic Atheist when in fact the majority are Agnostic Atheist. Hope that clears things up!