Posts on Homeschooling, HSLDA, Abuse, and Neglect

I’ve used this page to collect together things I’ve written on HSLDA and things I’ve written on child abuse and educational neglect in homeschooling families. See also the page I’ve created with links and resources on child abuse in homechooling.

HSLDA and Child Abuse Series:

HSLDA and Child Abuse: An Introduction

HSLDA’s Fight against Child Abuse Reporting

HSLDA’s Stonewalling of Child Abuse Investigations

HSLDA’s Defense of Child Abuse

HSLDA and the Deregulation of Homeschooling


The Key to the Liquor Store

Who Are HSLDA’s Clients? Not the Children!

Checks and Balances—Except for Homeschooling?

Guest Posts by Law Students:

On Fundamental Rights, HSLDA, and Homeschooling

Why HSLDA Is Wrong about Romeike v. Holder

Exchange with HSLDA:

HSLDA: Man Who Kept Children in Cages a “Hero”

I’ve Had Enough: My Reply to HSLDA’s Response

Series on Abuse and Neglect:

Why Homeschooling Is Attractive to Abusive Parents

When Abusive Parents Homeschool

Homeschooling To Hide Abuse

Homeschooling To Avoid the Truancy Officer

On HSLDA and Fear:

HSLDA, the CPS, and Fear: Quick, Kids—Hide!

HSLDA: Why We Fear the Child Snatchers

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