Infidel753 on The Middle East and American narcissism

Usually this has to go on link round ups, but I find this blogpost so important that I can’t help sharing it as an independent blogpost. Infidel753, one of the best people commenting here frequently, has a pretty awesome blog and this is a very important topic and something I’ve been trying to say all [Read More...]

Bill Maher Is Wrong about Ayatollah Sistani

Since this ISIS debacle happened, Ayatollah Sistani’s name has been heard again in the international news. On last Friday and the Friday before that, Bill Maher mentioned him and ridiculed him, as if he’s a sectarian Shiite fundamentalist. But that is not true, in the extremely fucked up atmosphere of Iraq, Sistani has been a [Read More...]

In Iran, Forms of Birth Control Might Get You 2 or 5 Years in Prison

As I have said before, one of the very few successful programs of the Islamic Regime was its birth control policy, but last year for some unfathomable reason, they completely changed course. The Supreme Leader actually apologized that there was a family planning program and said we need a country of at least 150,000,000 people. [Read More...]

I Will Miss the Honor of Being on the Same Network as Kate Donovan

Kate Donovan is leaving FTB to host her own weblog. Via her goodbye post: Hello, wonderful commenters, readers, and other-people-peering-at-this. I’m writing with bittersweet news: G&H is moving, this time to a standalone location. I have adored being here. I have gotten to write next to some of my favorite people in the world, and it [Read More...]

Libertarian Is Not an Insult Part 2

I posted something yesterday about some progressives using dehumanizing language about libertarians, and sadly the comments appearing at the bottom provided tangible examples of what I was talking about in vague terms. Just as I’m sure such comments have not changed the mind of any libertarian, they have not changed my mind either, but quite [Read More...]

“Libertarian” Is Not an Insult

This was originally a facebook status. I wish my progressive friends stopped using “libertarian” as an insult. I also wish they avoided insulting generalizations, like associating libertarians with the worst people who have that ideology. Libertarianism is a political ideology. It has many values in common with progressive thought – especially social values. I many [Read More...]

Religion Is Not the Source of All Evil, But Its Evil Is Exclusive

Of course it’s wrong to say that religion is the source of all evil – that excludes nationalism. OK, I’m kidding, the causes of evil are endless and no single two or three or hundred things can be attributed to it. But having said that, I think the relationship of religion and evil is not [Read More...]

5 Articles that Changed My Mind Recently

I wanted to post about how Heina Dadabhoy taught me about prison and showed me something I reflexively repeated was wrong, but then I decided I would gather all the recent examples. Here are five articles I’ve read recently, that have changed my mind on something. This is an appreciation post, an acknowledgment of those [Read More...]

Victory: #TwitterTheocracy Is No More

Via British Humanist Association: Twitter has unblocked a number of tweets and users of its service, which it had blocked on May 18 following requests from Pakistan, following last week’s successful campaign, led by a number of humanist and non-religious organisations. The British Humanist Association (BHA) was a signatory to a letter addressed to the UN [Read More...]

FTBCon 3 Is Coming

Via Miri’s Brute Reason: FtBCon 3 is fast approaching: August 22-24, 2014. As always, we’re going to have a full weekend of panels, talks, and Cards Against Humanity. This time, we’re going to be more organized about how we plan the sessions, so we’re giving you until July 22 to submit a proposal for a panel [Read More...]