President Trump will speak at NRA forum. Let the liberal tears flow

I love it when the liberal tears flow, especially when its the Constitution that makes it happen.

The National Rifle Association announced that President Trump will be the featured speaker at its leadership forum in Atlanta next week and that really did a number on gun control group Moms Demand Action (MDA).

MDA founder Shannon Watts’ tears started flowing on Twitter, when she announced her organization will be there in full protest mode:

@MomsDemand will be in Atlanta, too. Just like we’re in the halls of Congress and in statehouses and in boardrooms. Every. Single. Day.

Watts has vowed that they “will not be silenced” and will continue “to stand up for the safety of our families and communities.”

Right, by protesting the Second Amendment which guarantees us armed protection for our families and communities. Sounds logical.

Of course, these are the same people who considered it “heartbreaking” when Florida passed new “stand your ground” legislation despite their protests. In other words, if you are threatened in your home, or attacked by a violent thug, they are sad that you are not required to run away.

I say, God Bless Florida for not adding to the continuing wussification of America.

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