May 2017: The Quintessential Moment Of Media Malfeasance


Imagine you’re in elementary school, and there’s a kid in your class who’s always trying to get you in trouble.  In first grade, he put tacks in the seat of the teacher and blamed you.  In second grade, he pulled a girl’s hair and – when she turned around angry – pointed in your direction.  In third grade, he actually ate your favorite teacher’s apple and put the core on your desk.   This is a well-documented, contentious relationship.  The teachers know, the principal knows, and your parents know.

In fourth grade, the bully accuses you of cheating on your science test, and you go home fully expecting your parents will blow it off.  They know the context of the relationship, and that the kid is a pathological liar.  However, this time, your parents look concerned, and the principal warns you.

“If this is true,” he says gravely, “You’ll be expelled.”

You don’t approve of cheating, just as you don’t approve of apple stealing or tack placing or hair pulling. But suddenly, there’s a pall of suspicion over you – based solely on the word of a pathological liar with a proven beef against you.

Welcome to May 2017.

Please enjoy the rest on The Daily Caller.

Image Credit: Flickr by Scott Beale

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