Every Parent who ‘Dips Their Kid in Purell’ Should Listen to Adam Carolla’s Congressional Testimony on Free Speech

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Every single college student should watch this testimony by comedian Adam Carolla.  His rousing defense of free speech began by explaining that he grew up in California in a blue collar family.  His mother received food stamps, and when Adam asked her if she was every going to get a job she replied, “But then I’d lose my welfare.”

He said that taught him never to listen to his mother.  He made a lot of jokes, saying that he might want to steal the notepad that must’ve had “United States Congress” written at the top of it, to possibly sell it on eBay.

But when he began honestly talking about how the college campuses have changed over the years, things got more serious.  He said that he’s been speaking on college campuses for decades.  Only now has it become a big legal matter — as more and more colleges atempt to block conservatives from speaking.

“We’re talking a lot about the kids, and I think they’re just that: kids. We are the adults. I mean, these are 18- and 19-year-old kids at these college campuses,” he said.  “They grew up dipped in Purell, playing soccer games where they never kept score and watching ‘Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!’ and we’re asking them to be mature. We need the adults to start being the adults.”

Exactly.  How on earth can we expect these kids to suddenly grow up, when we’ve protected them from every negative consequence or feeling that they may ever encounter?  He went on:

“Children are the future, but we are the present, and we are the adults and we need to act like it. And I feel that what’s going on on these campuses is — we need law and order. We need to bring back law and order. But I think if we just had order we wouldn’t need law. So, could we just bring back order, and could the faculty and administration on these campuses act like faculty and administration?”

Watch this great testimony below:

h/t IJR

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