Professor Who Stands Against PC NonSense Receiving $39 K per Month in Crowdsourcing

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Professor Jordan Peterson teaches at the University of Toronto, and he rose to fame when he refused to back down from the child-like protests of college students at McMaster University in March.  He was supposed to participate in a panel discussion, but protesters threatened to shut down the whole thing.  After the other panelists dropped out, the moderator gave up too.  Not this guy.

The protesters were upset because he refused to bow the knee to their gods of political correctness.  (For example, he calls universities, “the next best thing to a cult” and refuses to use gender neutral pronouns.)

Watch what happens when he tries to speak.  This is a long video, because the protesters weren’t giving up.  Neither was Peterson.  At first you see the protesters making so much noise you can’t hear the professor.  Then, he tries to speak but is shouted down.  Then, the fire marshals have to shut down the event because the oh-so-socially-aware protesters block the fire exits.  Classy.  Then, Peterson goes outside and continues to make his points, protester standing around making noise.

The Toronto Star explains how the professor is using his newfound attention as an anti-PC star to hit back at the insanity:

He is now harnessing his online clout with eyes on a new goal — to offer an online university degree in the humanities for which students pay only for examinations.

“I’m fighting this as a battle of ideas,” Peterson told the Star. “Hopefully I can bring high-quality education to millions of people — for nothing. Wouldn’t that be cool.”

According to Truth Revolt:

The crowdsourcing effort has worked better than anyone could’ve imagined: Peterson’s bringing in nearly $39,000 (in American money) per month.  Infuriating liberals even more, the more the professor gets criticized… the more money pours in.

Well played, sir.

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h/t Truth Revolt

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