Feminists Shame Healthy Women for Having ‘Thin Privilege’ (Yes, Even if They Work Out)

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You know how liberals make fun of religious conservatives, saying they are all about shame and guilt?  Well, the Puritans don’t have anything on modern day leftists, who try to shame everyone for everything.  The latest example of this?  Feminists now say women should feel bad for being too thin and healthy.  EverydayFeminism has the scoop:

One of the most common questions that I get about thin privilege, by far, is whether or not thinness really counts as a “privilege.”

After all, if anyone could potentially achieve thinness, then is it really an issue of social power? And if folks have put a lot of effort into attaining and maintaining that body, don’t they deserve the associated rewards?

And I get where this question comes from. Because oftentimes, when we talk about privilege, we note that it’s something undeserving that’s granted to you based on birth or circumstances.

And a lot of that time, that’s true. I can’t change the fact that I’m white or that my parents grew up working class, for instance. That’s just a part of my social location by default – that’s the situation that I was born into.

But when we name power and oppression, as doled out by systems, as things that are largely out of our control, it can be confusing to think through how something we believe we can “work for” fits into that narrative.

The answer to how this is associated with privilege, though, is in the question itself. It’s just hiding from you.

Here’s a hint.  Usually, if you have to contort your mind to figure out what point someone is trying to make, it defies common sense.  That’s what we’re dealing with here — an impressively stupid contention that helps you understand why so many people have come to despise feminists: They’re just killjoys who try to force people into staying exactly where they are.  For example, read this:

“So just like no matter how much work you put into your financial standing, if you start life out poor, you’ll likely stay poor, the same goes for your bodily aesthetics: If your body starts out fat, you’ll likely stay fat.”

But that’s just not true.  With hard work and effort, it IS possible to change your lot in life — both financially and physically. It’s not easy, but it’s possible.  Which is better, America?  The message that you’re stuck in victimhood no matter what?  Or, that you can take control of your destiny and improve your lot in life?

Radical leftists need to stop trying to turn America into a stagnant caste system.  We’re better than that, and we reject feminists’ ultimately depressing message.

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h/t EverydayFeminism 

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