Forget the Congressional Approval Rating, Let’s Create a Congressional Hate Index

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If you only pay attention to the daily news cycle, you may believe that everyone is concerned with the next White House controversy; but as a person who talks to grassroots activists all over the nation, I can tell you that normal Americans aren’t concerned about what the President will do next—they’re too busy fuming at Congress.

Everyday Americans just want their politicians to fulfill their campaign promises. For example, bumbling Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promised he was going to pull “out Obamacare root and branch.” But despite this very clear promise, a Republican in the Oval Office, and a Republican controlled Congress, Mitch McConnell couldn’t get it done.

It’s not the President’s use of social media, the Russia scandal, or even the tumultuous administration that has the grassroots furious. It is the continuous inability to fulfill election promises. What causes this anger is not some complicated political angst derived from scouring the news and finding some pundit’s “hot take” that resonates. No, this is basic stuff. Our politicians fail to grasp one of the most basic principles of how to treat other people: if you make a promise, keep it.

A corollary to that principle might be, “if you make an on camera promise over and over to rile up your base, you should really, really keep it.” But this hasn’t occurred to our politicians. According to the Washington Examiner, “all but three Senate Republicans voted early Friday morning for healthcare reform legislation that was so inadequate they demanded assurances from House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) that it would never become law.” But even the repeal was loaded with extra spending, demanded by Republicans.

Moderates blame conservatives. Conservatives blame moderates. But the voters, the people being betrayed, continue to be taught that Washington DC can’t be trusted. They are liars and scoundrels without principle.

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