Liberals Shocked: Christians Provide More Aid To Hurricane Victims Than FEMA

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This probably won’t surprised many of you, but I bet it shocks liberals who try to portray Christians as stingy bigots obsessed with gay sex and abortion:

Christian non-profit organizations have outdone FEMA and provided the vast majority of the relief aid to victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Faith-based relief groups are responsible for providing nearly 80 percent of the aid delivered thus far to communities with homes devastated by the recent hurricanes, according to USA Today. An alliance of non-profit organizations called National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD), 75 percent of which are faith based, has helped FEMA distribute relief assistance to communities hit by disasters and assisted families in navigating government aid programs to begin the process of rebuilding.

“About 80 percent of all recovery happens because of non-profits, and the majority of them are faith-based,” Greg Forrester, CEO of NVOAD, told USA Today.

Several individual organizations have aided in the relief operations in major ways as well. Samaritan’s Purse, an evangelical disaster relief group led by evangelist Franklin Graham, recently began a relief mission to the Caribbean to help victims of the hurricanes on various islands. Samaritan’s Purse also has ongoing relief operations in Houston and is preparing to aid Florida in the aftermath of Irma.

If we didn’t tax so heavily, Christians would have even more money to give to faith based organizations doing this sort of work, more efficiently and effectively than the government ever could.

The services that faith-based relief groups have rendered to ravaged communities has not only helped the families and individuals affected by the storms, but has also translated into billions of dollars worth of aid for the states in general, which must match and pay back the economic aid given to them by FEMA. The volunteers, who come at no cost to state governments, count toward the states’ matching of FEMA funds.

“FEMA can not do what it does so well without the cooperation of faith-based non-profit organizations and churches,” Rev. Jamie Johnson, director of the Department of Homeland Security’s Center for Faith-Based & Neighborhood Partnerships, told USA Today. “It’s a beautiful relationship between government and the private sector and it is something to behold.”

People, voluntarily helping people.  This is the Christian way.  This is the American way.

Hat Tip: The Daily Caller

Image Credit: Media Defense

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  • RayG1

    This can’t be right! All liberals know that Christians are horrible people, so how could this be true?

  • Money, and giving it is only part of unburdening yourself.

    Following the word works in it’s own right, and most of you don’t, and it’s why the liberals don’t trust you.

    The word is a yin/yang spun around a dichotomy of the core abrahamic notions of heart and law.

    Liberal christians lead from the heart, trying to change the laws of the flesh, and of the animal kingdom that we’re still bound by. Like 1 Corinthians 6:9-12 NASB/KJV

    Reactionary christians lead from the law, applying without the gospel which elevates the law of man to something Godly.

    Reactionary Christians who apply the law without mercy poison themselves, poison other people against them, and cause monsters to suffer, when we are supposed to treat our monsters well in order to evolve.

    Liberal Christians who apply mercy by changing the law poison themselves, poison other people against them, and cause monsters to suffer, when we are supposed to treat our monsters well in order to evolve. They want to, but we still are bound by the laws of man and animal – as Paul laid out in his epistles.

    Paul’s epistles show us how we *will* act. People *will* throw sexual monsters out of the kingdom, murderers out of the kingdom, etc
    Paul’s epistles show us how we *MUST* act. People *MUST* throw sexual monsters out of the kingdom, murderers out of the kingdom, etc.

    There’s only one way to apply the law without paradox, and that’s by making sure you apply it without contradicting any of the gospels.

    If you want to throw a trans kid out of your kingdom, you must do so *kindly*, regardless of how much of a good Christian the monster is or not.

    Monsters aren’t bad. Jesus was a monster – the perfect monster, and wouldn’t negotiate. Monsters are simply difficult and messy. Good and bad blind us to the word. Sin is what shows us how it interacts. But most apply it wrong.

    The apple brought us from eat/fck/kill to eat/fck/kill/negotiate. We’re still working on that new skill, and mastering it gets us back to the garden.

    And in that it’s all how you treat your monsters, not just the “deserving poor” or people in crisis. Those are the easy cases.