Surprise Poll: President Trump More Popular Than Mainstream Media Reports


A new poll commissioned by Dick Morris has some very surprising results.

Well, it’s surprising if you get all of your information from the fake news and spend time sipping champagne at Beltway cocktail parties.  The results of Morris’s poll actually verifies what I’ve been saying all along.

The poll, which has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percent, was conducted by polling one thousand Americans.  (The demographic breakdown of the poll is as follows: 36% were Democrats, 33% Republicans, 31% were Independents — also, 71% were White, 12.1% were African American, 11.1% were Hispanic, 4% were Asian, and 1.8% were Other.) The results reveal, among other things, that:

  • 48 percent approve of Trump’s performance in office while 50 percent disapprove. Most media polls, by contrast, place the president’s job approval down between 37% and 42%, far lower than the McLaughlin poll.
  • 71 percent support the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate leaks by public officials to the media. 15 percent oppose.
  • 63 percent  support the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate allegations of pay for play between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department under Hillary and Hillary’s use of a private server for her e mails. 27 percent oppose.
  • Only 35 percent feel Trump was involved in Russian meddling in the election. 25 percent believe Russia did meddle but Trump was not involved. And 21 percent feel Russia did not meddle

Morris discussed the poll’s results with Breitbart News.  “It’s like coming in from an alternative reality to read this poll after all the media polls saying Trump is very unpopular, Obamacare is making a comeback, and that voters are worried about Russian meddling. The reality is that the electorate — as opposed to the random sample of voters and nonvoters that the media is using – largely applaud the job Trump is doing and are getting fed up with the leaks in the investigation of Russian meddling.”

Anyone who trusts all the same pollsters who told us, until Election Night, that Trump couldn’t win… is simply a fool.  Patriotic Americans want to see this President succeed.

May their hope become a reality, in spite of the negative polls and fake news the MSM likes to spread.

Hat Tip: Breitbart

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