Taylor Swift’s Back-Up Dancer in New Video Accused of Not Being ‘Black Enough,’ Is Uninvited to the ‘Cookout’

Taylor Swift almost broke the internet when her new video called “Look What You Made Me Do” was recently released:

The song is an answer to her many detractors and enemies — including Katy Perry and Kanye West.  However, instead of seeing the video as what it is — a playful, fun pop culture moment — the oh-so-tolerant left decides that one of her back up dancers is not black or gay enough.

Got that? Me either.  Here’s the Yahoo report on the incident:

When Taylor Swift shared a 13-second preview of her hotly anticipated “Look What You Made Me Do” music video last week, it should have been a celebratory moment for her good friend, the hugely successful YouTube/RuPaul’s Drag Race/MTV/American Idol/Kinky Boots star and recording artist Todrick Hall, who’d had to keep his dancing cameo top secret since the clip was filmed back in May. But instead, Hall was trolled online by haters, who called him everything from “sellout” to even a racial epithet, and accused the openly gay performer of betraying both the black and LGBTQ communities just for associating with Swift. The “Beygency” went especially hard on Hall (despite the fact that he had previously appeared in two Beyoncé videos), deducing from a quick glimpse of his “Look What You Made Me Do” scene that Swift’s video was a rip-off of Beyoncé’s “Formation.”

The left is so wonderful and tolerant.  Apparently, this guy is not good enough because he’s hanging out with Taylor Swift and all.  He explained this to Yahoo News:

“I have gotten comments from people who are upset and have literally said the fact that I am friends with a white person is a problem, because white people don’t possess the ability to love or ever truly care about black people. And I find that very disheartening. I’ve grown up in a neighborhood where I went to church with and lived with and went to school with beautiful black people; when I look at them, I see myself. But then I was also in a peculiar situation, because I danced in a dance group where I was the only black person in the dance studio. In some cases, I was the only black cheerleader in my school. I did theater where I was the only black person, the “token black person.” And working at Disney, oftentimes I was the only black person in the show at Disney World or Disneyland on any given day. And I also did tours where I was the only black singer; I did a cruise ship where I was the only black person in the cast. So I’ve been used to being in situations where I’ve had to find friendships and find love and find similarities. My whole brand, everything that I stand for and everything I’ve always stood for, is equality and love. So it’s just really difficult for me to understand why it is an issue for people, a legitimate issue, that I have white friends, and that Taylor Swift happens to be one of my many white friends.

“Apparently there’s a thing called the “cookout,” which is like your invitation to be a part of the black community. Some people have, like, deemed themselves the Woke Police, and they decide to strip you online of your invitation to attend the “cookout.” It boggles my mind that people are deciding whether or not I’m down enough, black enough, or woke enough to be “invited.” If I have to hate people and judge people based on their race, sexual orientation, or religion, then sorry, but I’d rather order pizza.

Okay, so liberals are mad at him because he’s black and…uh…she’s white? Is that not the straight up definition of racist?  Why do liberals try to ruin everything by infusing it with identity politics?  Everything?

Stupid accusations like this are why normal Americans are tuning out the liberal Outrage Machine.

Sometimes, people just want to hear a good song.  And, thank God, Americans aren’t buying the idea that black people and white people can’t be friends.

Hat Tip: Yahoo News

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