Student Protesters Shut Down University of Oregon President’s Speech – Laughably – to ‘Stand Against Fascism’

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Stop me if you’ve heard this before:

A few dozen student protesters brought a laundry list of complaints when they blocked University of Oregon President Michael Schill from giving his State of the University speech Friday, but unsurprisingly, it all boiled down to “fascism and neo-Nazis.”

Apparently, the students rushed the stage, chanting that Shill — who is (gasp!) white — is the university’s “CEO.” The Daily Emerald reported on senior Charlie Landeros’s passionate speech:

He spoke about indigenous rights, minority student safety and oppression, and tuition increases. “Our demands will be heard, we will be heard, we are the students, we will not be ignored,” Landeros said. “Expect resistance to anyone who opposes us.”

Okay, so I hate to get all logical on this kid, but the fact that he is forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism by shutting down speech actually is fascism.  In other words, these kids are just fascists, calling non-fascists “fascist” and “new-Nazi.”

At the end of the day, the university President gave up and went home, giving the victory of the loudest and most obnoxious people on campus.  It’s time administrators grow a backbone and start actually showing they know what the First Amendment actually does… instead of kowtowing to these demanding, ignorant children.

Watch their “tolerance in action” below:

Hat Tip: The College Fix

Image Credit: Screen Cap

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