‘We the People’ have to Take Our Power Back from this Shut-Down Prone Government by Doing This

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Steve Hilton, host of FNC’s The Next Revolution, came out in favor of the Convention of States Project on air.  My wife and I were at the gym working out when this came on the television screens, and we stopped dead in our tracks to listen to his impassioned plea. “As a public service to you, our audience, I have sat through hours of misery today, watching DC politicians try to explain the shut-down shambles.  What an embarrassment they are!” he began.

“They pop up on our tv screens talking beltway gibberish and blaming each other. They keep saying how much they want to avoid a shut down, but in actuality they are all loving the drama and the attention.

“I’m sick of it.  Sick of all of them and their stupid political games, and I know you are too.  First, let’s deal with the short term. It’s perfectly obvious that this shut down is engineered by the Democrats in order to pander to their extremist base and deny President Trump a political victory.

“Why else would they shove the DACA issue into the middle of the spending bill, when it’s got nothing to do with spending and there’s a separate negotiation on immigration that doesn’t have to be completed until March.  But the real question is, why do we have this perpetual crisis over the federal budget?  That’s the long term problem, and for that we can blame the Republicans just as much as the Democrats.”

Hilton goes on to explain how money, big business, and big donors make this shut down worse.  “It is the swamp in action,” he said of our government.  Then, he gets to the good part: the solution.

“So the solution is not a short term spending bill or a long term spending bill.  It is a complete and total rethink of the size and functions of the federal government.  Go back to the Constitution. Everything that can be done by the states and local government, should be taken away from the federal government.  Education, healthcare, social services, transportation, welfare…  All of it should be de-centralized.

“We’ve had enough of the incompetence and corruption in Washington.  Time after time, politicians say they’re going to come in and change it, and they never ever do.  So we the people have to take our power back through efforts like the Convention of States Project.”

As the founder of the Convention of States Project, I happen to agree.  Find out more about our project here.  And thanks, Steve, for the powerful words.

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