Why the Convention of States is the ‘Superbowl of Politics’ and the ‘Next Revolution’

Fox New’s Steve Hilton recently aired a segment on his show The Next Revolution about the Convention of States project, and it’s a great way to learn about this revolution that’s sweeping the nation.

“The late Supreme Court justice Louis Brandeis was famous for promoting the idea of federalism. He liked to refer to the states as ‘laboratories of democracy’ where individual states could pioneer their own ideas on issues like education and welfare. But, we seem to be heading in the exact opposite direction today.  Government is getting more and more centralized in Washington D.C. Now, there’s a new movement afoot that would give states more of a say when it comes to governing.”

Of course, I’m a big fan of this “new movement,” though we’re not really new at all.  Our Founders came up with the idea of a Convention of States a long time ago. Article V of the U.S. Constitution gives states the power to call a Convention of States to propose amendments. It takes 34 states to call the convention and 38 to ratify any amendments that are proposed. Our convention would only allow the states to discuss amendments that, “limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, impose fiscal restraints, and place term limits on federal officials.”

In the clip, you’ll see me saying that a Convention of States is the “ultimate Superbowl of American politics.  Nothing like this has been done in American history.”

Constitutional attorney Troy Slaten said “Article V was written into the Constitution, because our founders were suspicious of a strong federal government seizing too much power and they wanted to give an opportunity for the document to change.”

Anita Vogel goes on to describe high profile detractors of our plan – Hillary Clinton, for one. “They want radical, pull-them-up-by-the-roots-change.  They want to have a Constitutional convention to rewrite our Constitution to make it friendlier to business, to inject religious and ideological elements.”  Of course, Clinton is wrong on just about everything she says about us, but  having her as an opponent is a credit to what we’re doing.  As Pete Hegseth says, “We shall be known by our enemies.”

Hilton laughs at some of the progressive criticism.  He said that these liberals are supposed to be about “people power,” yet they reject this historical solution that gives power back to the states.

I agree.  What a great segment for people to get familiar with our project.  Watch the segment below — and share it!

Image Credit: Screen Cap

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