By the way, it’s not just American bishops that Don’t Get It

Many in the gay community don’t get it either. Take, for example, this stunningly clueless guy name Brian Halderman. He seems to think there’s something weird about lots and lots of people connecting the dots between his complete contempt for chastity and orthodoxy (a contempt he shares with Paul Shanley), abuse of boys, boys, boys, boys, boys, boys and boys, and the priest scandals. It’s all a witch hunt, says he and he is a put-upon man to be pitied, not a clueless buffoon to be rebuffed. Sounds rather like Rembert Weakland, Cardinal Law or Mahony, don’t it? And if the preternaturally stupid bishop John “I didn’t notice anything unusual about Shanley’s publicly advocating Man Boy Love” McCormack of New Hampshire is a flaming fool for using this image in a healing mass for victims of priestly abuse, how many orders of magnitude dumber do you have to be to put links to your Halloween party with gay guys dressed as campy nuns and priests on your website and whine when nobody thinks that you would be a great candidate for clerical or religious life?

Like I say, this is a crisis for the clueless ecclesiocracy in the US, to be sure. But it’s also a crisis for the gay community that does not seem to get it any more than Law does when he gets riled at his negligence and insensitivity being named as such. A Clue for the clueless Mr. Halderman: it’s not a witch hunt. It’s common sense. There is a connection between a gay subculture that holds chastity and orthodoxy in contempt and abuse of boys, boys, boys, boys, boys and boys.

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