I Now have 49 Followers!

Wow! Followers! I’ve always wanted those!

My dear beloved children! Join me as we walk together into a glorious New Dawn where I can command you to do absurd, degrading things while I go slowly mad–just like in the movies!

My followers! Hear me! Today, I want you all to sing a song about…. SALMON!

Salmon are fish!
Salmon are pretty!
Salman have scales!
Doo Wah Diddy!

I will be in my solid gold bathtub for the rest of the morning, bathing in chocolate pudding and talking on the phone with Kim Jong Il. I have *such* plans for us all! Soon the Great Cleansing Fire will purify the earth of those who do not follow me.

Carry on!

"No, he/she doesn't. Obviously didn't listen the tape; hasn't watched the videos."

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