My Dead Router

My router’s internet connection went pffft last night. They are sending a new one tomorrow. Till then, I have no home internet access. So (hopefully) I’ll see you tomorrow (he typed nervously from the local library computer).

Please keep Amy and her family in your prayers.

Somebody in the comboxes asked about setting up some sort of aid to the family. Rod Dreher and I have talked about it briefly yesterday (till my connection went pfffft.) Maybe we can coordinate something through the Diocese of Birmingham. Once I get back on line, let’s see what we at St. Blog’s can put together for Amy and her kids. If anybody in the B’ham area can do some preliminary footwork on that front and let me know what happening, that would be great. You guys never fail to rejoice my heart with your incredible generosity of heart and wallet for those in need. I love ya!

Till tomorrow…

Update: The wonderful Danielle Bean has set up a Paypal account for donations to Amy and her family.

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