More Evidence of the Coolness of the Internet

Laura Sheahan writes:

Hi Mark,

Greetings from Jerusalem. Not sure if you remember me, but I left Beliefnet a few years ago to work for Catholic Relief Services.

In case you can use them in your blog or elsewhere, here are some photos I took today during a brief visit Benedict made to the Latin patriarchate co-cathedral in Jerusalem’s Old City. The pope spoke a few words-among them, he praised contemplatives in attendance. Lots of Palestinian seminarians were there, chanting “Benedetto benvenuto.” (sp?)

If you use the photos, we’d just ask that you credit Catholic Relief Services.

I’m normally in Cairo, but am in Jerusalem this week for the papal visit. Tomorrow he goes to Aida camp, where CRS has done some work. I have photos of that as well if you’re interested.

Hope you’re well,


I love that I’m getting emails from Jerusalem with people’s personal pictures of the Pope. Technology is cool! Thanks, Laura!

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