Fr. Dwight Longenecker…

has posted his review of Mary, Mother of the Son – Volume II: First Guardian of the Faith. It turns out he still likes it a lot! So basically, that mean you really need it bad and should just go ahead and order it now. Talk about counter-cultural beach reading!

I’m happy to report that I have not yet seen a single negative review! Catholic response has been uniformly thumbs up, which makes Papa proud of his baby. (Of course, there will *be* negative reviews from guys like James White, Eric Svendsen, James Swan and the other nattering nabobs of anti-Catholicism, whose *job* is to give a negative review to stuff like this.) But once you get away from the anti-Catholic fever swamps, I will be interested to see how the book fares in place like Christianity Today, where you have honest Evangelicals who are serious about trying to engage Catholics, well, honestly.

Anyway, thanks to the various folks who have said nice things about the book. It’s a labor of love so it’s gratifying see that, in the words of Lina Lamont, it ain’t been in vain fer nuthin’. Thanks be to God.

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