Prolifer Makes Foolish and Dangerous Attempt at Tu Quoque

As has been noted here, there are a few basic facts in evidence concerning the murder of George Tiller. The first is this: it was *murder*. Full stop. It was not “justice” because murder is not justice. It is murder. Full stop.

Second point: Being a murder victim does not automatically render you a saint. In fact, it has no bearing whatsoever on how virtuous or unvirtuous you were. It simply means you died by violence. In Tiller’s case, the fact is that he was a moral monster who enriched himself by sticking scissors in baby’s brains and exploiting their mothers for personal gain.

Third point: the man who murdered Tiller acted alone. As John Zmirak ably pointed out the nut who pulled the trigger was

someone who turns out to be a longtime schizophrenic with flimsy ties to the uttermost fringe of the pro-life movement, whose obsession is waging an anarchist war against the “tyrannical” U.S. government. The group with which the apparent assassin, Scott Roeder, 51, had kept some connection was, according to LifeSiteNews, “the so-called Army of God, a group that advocates domestic terror, violence, and murder against abortion facilities and those who work there.” To find an equivalently outlaw and irrelevant pro-choice organization, you’d have to turn to the Church of Euthanasia — a group led by the flamboyant transvestite Chris Korda, which celebrates abortion along with pandemics, natural disasters, and the deaths on 9/11, since they cull the “dangerously high” human population. (Check out its home page for an image of Korda licking the World Trade Center tower as one of the high-jacked planes plows into the side. Is this the face of pro-choice America? Maybe it’s time we started insisting it really is.)

Therefore, (fourth point): it’s crap to say that the prolife movement “bears some of the blame” for what this nutjob did. One can say who Tiller was and describe the evil that he did as evil without bearing any blame whatever for the actions of the evil man who killed him, plain and simple.

However, some too clever by half prolifers are playing right into the hands of HuffPo types by writing silly tu quoques that attempt to instead say, “No, pro-aborts are to blame.”

While “No, YOU!” arguments can be fun (particularly when the butt of the argument really is indulging in obvious hypocrisy), the fact is, all this particular piece does is offer confirmation to mushy middle folk likely to be swayed by pro-abort rhetoric that, yes indeed, prolifers *do* think Tiller and his ilk had it coming and that this was “justice”. In addition, by layering on top of it the preposterous claim that, if anybody is to blame for this murder, it’s pro-aborts, it positvely invites the reader to accept the premise that *somebody* besides the shooter was to blame–and to conclude that prolifers are in crazy and dangerous denial about who that somebody is.

Better to just stick with the fact than to attempt too-clever-by-half arguments like this.

Also, trying to be something other than utterly tone deaf and not confusing the Constitution with Sacred Scripture would be good too.

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