I love Benedict XVI

To the President who graces other heads of state with recordings of himself, the Pope gives a gift in return: a copy of the Church’s document on bioethics and human dignity. I hope Michael Novak isn’t too disappointed that the Holy Father is continuing to spout that naive Justice and Peace crap about charity instead of just having the Swiss Guard run him through with pikes and defeat the evil of abortion the neocon way.

I do have to give Obama credit for giving Benedict a nice gift. He even was cognizant of the fact that it’s the Year of the Priest, which there is no particular reason he should know (recall that other Presidents have cluelessly presented themselves for communion). And he pulled the whole thing off without once suggesting the Benedict’s encyclical was a “platypus” or by insulting the Holy Father’s intellectual integrity by claiming that Benedict would deliberately promulgate teachings he does not believe (i.e. “lie”) merely in order to keep peace in the curial household.

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