Letter from a Hero

About a month back, Todd Lemieux wrote asking your prayers as he donated a kidney to his brother. Now he writes:

In the effort of full disclosure, I wanted to do another email that would update everyone on the surgery now that we are three and a half weeks out.

Kyle is doing very well. There was a minor rejection scare about two weeks ago, but it was nothing serious and all of his numbers have leveled out. He is tolerating the kidney and there were certain symptoms that disappeared immediately after the surgery, making the entire process worth it. To have my brother functioning is a blessing!

For myself, the pain lasted about a week consistently. After the first week, as soon as the pain eased off, I probably pushed myself a little too hard. I will have times where my energy is fine, but a lot of the time I am just weary. Not sleepy, but genuinely aware that if I invest energy in an activity, that might be all I am good for that day. For someone who is used to doing a lot of things, that is really tough. Sometimes I wonder if I am going to get back to normal as I feel my insides shift when I move. I want to get back to doing physical things and right now the only thing I can really do is read and watch television. I thought I would be able to write a lot, but that even takes more energy than I thought. I’ve been able to get back into writing the blog entry on the website every day.

I’m told that all of this is normal, but I never want to accept that about myself. Everyone I have talked to has said that one day I will wake up and it will be gone. I’m not there yet. I usually need to sleep ten to twelve hours every night and take a “waking nap” (which is where I am lying down just to rest) for about two hours every day. It’s a hard lesson in patience and acceptance of things beyond your control, especially in regards to yourself.

Dom has been fantastic. I couldn’t ask for better support and care. I don’t know if it is the two C-sections, but she seems to know exactly what is going on and just what I can and can’t do. Gianna keeps asking me every day how my “boo-boo” is doing and every time I pick up something she tells me to be careful of my “boo-boo!” I think she is waiting for the day I can pick her up and play with her like I used to and I really can’t wait. In the meantime she settles for sitting on my lap on the right side, not on the boo-boo, and cuddling with me. Gabriella seems to have no problem cuddling with anyone.

I want to thank you all for the well-wishes and the prayers. It has been amazing to realize how many people are thinking and praying for you. Know that you are all in our hearts, and there have been more than a few times when my manliness has been reduced to a few tears by some really well written emails and cards.

In the end, with Kyle doing well, it all seems worth it. I know in my head I’ll be back to normal soon, even if my heart isn’t buying it yet. It has been an amazing journey, and sure to be a story or two down the line!

God bless this good Christian man and his brother through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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