Scott Hahn Revealed to Be the Most Evil Human Being Who Ever Lived

From deep inside the Bubble of anti-Catholic polemics comes a four part series on the devil in human form known as Scott Hahn.

Personally, I think these theological equivalents of pulp fiction would be better if they had covers by Frank Frazetta. The theological bodice-ripper titles include:

“The Desire of Scott Hahn”

“The Lost Soul of Scott Hahn”

“The Deception of Scott Hahn”

and, last but not least, “The Damnation of Scott Hahn”

Man! All I got was a crappy half-assed blog entry from James White followed by another crappy half-assed blog entry explaining why his first crappy half-assed blog entry was genius. I’m starting to think this whole Dark Lord gig is a dead end job.