Scott Hahn Revealed to Be the Most Evil Human Being Who Ever Lived

From deep inside the Bubble of anti-Catholic polemics comes a four part series on the devil in human form known as Scott Hahn.

Personally, I think these theological equivalents of pulp fiction would be better if they had covers by Frank Frazetta. The theological bodice-ripper titles include:

“The Desire of Scott Hahn”

“The Lost Soul of Scott Hahn”

“The Deception of Scott Hahn”

and, last but not least, “The Damnation of Scott Hahn”

Man! All I got was a crappy half-assed blog entry from James White followed by another crappy half-assed blog entry explaining why his first crappy half-assed blog entry was genius. I’m starting to think this whole Dark Lord gig is a dead end job.

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  • Jill Wallace

    I read part of the “Damnation of Scott Hahn” and the writer’s gripe with the Church’s teachings on Mary. I gave up reading it when I determined that “if Jesus subjected Himself to those who hated Him and allowed them to crucify Him, How much more would he subject Himself to those who loved him and proved their love to Him.”

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  • tan

    A person who cannot support his argument with facts, truth, and logic normally resort to destroying the person or reputation of his opponent. That is exactly what the author of the books “The Desire ….The Lost Soul . . . The Damnation . . . of Scott Hahn did. I see NO CHRISTIAN LOVE in this attitude. What I see is hate, intolerance, and mostly, ignorance. Why is the author capable of such venomous tirade against the person of Scott Hahn and damning him? It is because belief in a lie and deception makes oneself a liar, a deceiver, a murderer, and an accuser which are characteristics of Satan. One who has these characteristics would be capable of thinking, speaking, and acting like . . . Satan. Rather than hitting below the belt, the author should argue Scott Hahn’s treatises point by point with solid scriptural and historical support. Failing in this, Scott Hahn may have valid reason to say that his critic is the one who is already damned and condemned because scripture says, heretics are condemned by their own judgement. May I advise the author to reflect on this with a clean heart and mind: It is not the scripture that is the pillar and foundation of truth. Many Christians have fallen into this lie. It is the Church that is.

  • Hec

    Scott, you are a true servant of Christ as reflected in John 15:20 ” .. no servant is greater than his master. If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teachings, they will obey yours also”
    And again in Gen 3:15 “And I will put enmity between you and the woman ..” No surprise, but solid confirmation of Holy Scriptures.

  • justin

    its sad how people take passages out of books and then explain them to mean what thay want them to mean Marys full and only job is to bring us closer to her SON JESUS ,Scott is an amazeing and gifted man of God and clearly teachs that Mary is below christ and so dose Rome. Jesus will always Love and protect his mother ,shes already in heaven and were the sinners trying to get there so humility say we should keep our mouths shut and worshup Jesus and love his blessed mother and ask her to bring us closer to him, look around i think we need all the help we can get !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • VorisFan