This Will Seem Strange to Catholics

but it’s waaay funny to us former Evangelicals

The peculiar need to “market” one’s church is something that is just not on the radar for Catholic parishes. That’s both a blessing and a curse. Catholics are notoriously terrible evangelists, so they do not obsess overmuch about strategizing to be seeker-sensitive and or figuring out how to capitalize on various trendinesses in order to be hip and with it. Catholics wouldn’t know how to be “culturally strategic” if their lives depended on it. There’s great good in that, since a lot of what passes for Evangelization really is just “marketing” and kowtowing to ephemeral hipness trends. On the other hand, we often feel such a reluctance to inflict our faith on others that you can spend years as a newcomer in a Catholic parish and never talk to the person you sit next to in the pew. Our slowness to evangelize, while making us less obnoxious than some species of Evangelicalism, is not ultimately praiseworthy. We could stand a dose of the Evangelical imperative that is so strong in many Evangelical groups.

HT: The Invaluable Sci Fi Catholic

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