What Does This Even Mean?

Michael Novak speaks in tongues:

The Catholic tradition—even the wise Pope Benedict—still seems to put too much stress upon caritas, virtue, justice, and good intentions, and not nearly enough on methods for defeating human sin in all its devious and persistent forms.


So… what? The Pope is too focused on caritas and not enough on buying Novak’s pleas for pre-emptive war to bring about an end to evil? The Pope is insufficiently reverential of the rousing success that is the Western economic system at present? The Pope talks too much about charity, virtue and justice and not enough about power, domination and war? Or what? What does this mean? Is is just another way of saying the Pope is naive and “gentle” and easily swayed by stupid Peace and Justice types who *really* wrote his encyclical? Hard to say. Parsing this is like grasping smoke. This has to be one of the most content-free remarks about the encyclical that I’ve seen so far.

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