I love magic shows!

Though acts like this sometimes make me suspect that, in fact, it’s not done by misdirection, sleight of hand, or prestidigitation but that, in fact, the magician has simply made a pact with the devil in exchange for awesome powers. I have *no* idea how this stuff is done.

HT: Pat Madrid, who also has an interesting post in which he ponders who the guy was who was supposed to be keeping an eye on Maciel (and is met with complaints by at least one Happy Talk droid from Legionaries who, even at this hour, is still living out the Charism of Covering Up for Fr. Maciel which is pretty much what Fr. Maciel designed and built the Legionaries to do. That’s the problem with evil organizational geniuses: the organizations they design and build just go on doing what they designed and built them to do.

I’m beginning to suspect that whole thing will need to be taken apart piece by piece. Whether somebody can put it back together into something fruitful after that is anybody’s guess. But I think that the Thing Maciel built will have to be complete de-Macielified. And that ain’t happening as long as the structure he built continues doing what he built it to do: cover his grave evil.

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