Praise report and prayer requests

One of the folks you guys prayed for yesterday writes:

I just got out of what should have been the Meeting From Hell with some bosses (little progress, repeatedly-missed deadlines, slightly incomplete presentation to give)… and inexplicably it went rather well. Please relay my appreciation to your readers for putting in a word for me!

Well done! Virtually high fives to all and thanks be to God for answered prayer!

Meanwhile, another reader writes:

I’m in a lot of trouble. Your prayers would be appreciated.

and another asks for prayers for all involved in this wretched story.
Father, hear our prayer and extend your mighty power to redeem and heal even to these desperate situations. Remember the covenant you have made with us through the blood of your Son Jesus and bring salvation to all who cry to you from the depths. Mother Mary, pray for us all, especially those most in need of Christ’s mercy and salvation.

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