Interesting essay on the films of PIXAR

I think “two-faced” is way too harsh since it suggest deliberate deception or hypocrisy and I’m skeptical that this is really the case. Likewise, I think “ideology” is a poor choice of words here, precisely because I don’t think PIXAR is promoting ideology–and that the proof of this is precisely the fact that it makes films that seem not to be aware that they send messages which are not easily reconciled. I think the reason for that is that the guys at PIXAR are real artists and real artists portray humanity in its complexity and don’t try to wedge people into ideological categories and create agitprop. That’s for hacks.

Still, it’s a perceptive essay.

"What? Who is saying that it is "given" that they are informed?"

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Michael Liccione writes about the “filial ..."

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