A reader writes

My wife and I are looking for a specific Padre Pio movie – we saw it on EWTN and now we cannot find it again. We have the two movies “Padre Pio
– Between Heaven and Earth” starring Michele Placido and as well “Padre Pio – Miracle Man” starring Sergio Castellitto, but neither shows the scene we think we saw (full disclosure, my memory is really bad on this one). We don’t want to buy another until we are sure (our next attempt was going to be “Night of the Prophet” at EWTN)- I called EWTN but the staff in the call center there did not seem to have knowledge of movie contents, and the folks at Ignatius were also not so sure.

The scene we are looking for shows Padre Pio under attack by Satan, and you see chairs floating in the air and flying at him. The Miracle Man movie has a scene close to this, but is not the one we recall (but like I said – my memory could be completely wrong on this and there could in fact be no such scene).

Can anyone help us out? Anyone who maybe saw that scene on EWTN ?


Dunno myself. Anybody?

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