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Oh, those wacky Calvinists. Here’s some enthuasiast for the Diagrams Over Real Life Approach to Christianity asking the musical question, “Was Jesus a Calvinist?” (because Jesus would totally have benefited from Calvin’s superior diagrams of the gospel).

(Hint: only a crazy Catholic would ever say, “Was Jesus a Thomist?” He can’t be wholly contained in human systems of philosphy or theology, dude. Jesus was no more a Calvinist than he was a Whig, a Thomist, or a Platonist. He is himself–the Truth–and all our little systems of order are attempts to approximate him, not containers which can encompass the Infinite Majesty. It is the mark of the madness of Calvinism that it would try to enlist the Son of God as a sort of partisan of the cramped spiritual theorizing of Calvin.

Speaking of weird partisanship, here’s yet another Calvinist sitting in the peanut gallery and cheering on the atheists because they happen to be quarreling with Catholics. Better that God be blasphemed than that any slight pettiness of the 16th Century quarrel be abandoned for one second. We must have our priorities!
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